Windows 10 System Image how to Backup without external disk [Tutorial]

Everything needs backup,whether it is for humans or computers its is essential we need to do our

backup atleast once in a month i.e.,that will be helpful in most situations like when our System fails

to boot or some other issues we can simply use the backup to recover from bad things.

In the last step i had said,how to backup registry on Windows 10, before editing registry to fix some

kind of errors. So in this tutorial let's see how to backup and use our PC in difficult situations.

Requirements nothing new expect some external storage hardware device to backup and little bit


How to backup??

To backup your files,you don't need third party tools,there are inbuilt tools available inside the

windows which will do the task for us.

Enough said,let's see how to do it..

1) Press Windows + R

2) Type control

3) Hit Enter.

4) Click File History.

If you don't have file history option,then simply search on the search box that will be on the corner of the screen below to the close window icon.

5) On the left pane,there will be an option "System Image Backup" click on it..

"If UAC pops out to select Yes or no then,there select Yes..

[Check this :if you are yes option was grayed out ]

6) It will open a new Window and you can see windows Backup has not been set up option if you hadn't done backup before..

7) Select Set up backup..

Windows 10 System Image how to Backup without external disk [Tutorial]

Again,If UAC pops out to select Yes or no then,there select Yes..

8) Clicking on it will ask you to select where you want to backup.

If you have external storage disk,then select it here,if you don't have such options,then

Select the drive where you want to save the  backup and click Next..

for example: Select  "d" drive

9) Now,select what you need to backup..

You can choose let Windows Choose (recommended) option which is default

10) Now,Click on Save settings and run backup.

Wait for sometime,it will start the backup process..

The backup process may take sometime from 10 minutes to even 3 hours which depends on the

amount of data present on it..

11) After the backup completes,close the window.

When you are on difficult times,like when your PC fails to boot,then you can use this to restore your

System to get back into normal.

you can do that by,selecting Troubleshoot - > Advanced Options ->System Image recovery.

And there select the drive you had done backup - > Next - > Finish..

That's it..