Disable about:flags in Microsoft Edge [Tutorial]

Disable about:flags in Microsoft Edge [Tutorial]

In our previous post,we had seen how to turn on touch events on your Microsoft Edge browser using

one option on about:flags, in this post let's see how to disable that about flags option to prevent

ourself  from getting into trouble,because even though it has several options which will give a better

way of using browser,some of the options are used only for experimental purpose configuring it in a

wrong way will mess up some settings inside it,so its better to turn off those settings if you are not

the wise one using computers or if you wish to protect your PC from your geeky friends ..

Let's see how to do it..

There are two ways to do it...One using Registry editor and the other one is using Group policy..

Since Most of Our PC's don't have gpedit,i herewith explain the registry tweak which will work on

all edition of Windows 10.

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) Now,right click on the Microsoft(folder) it will display options like Collapse,New,Find,Delete,etc.. on that 

Select New - > Key.

6) Name it as Microsoft Edge - > Hit Enter.

7) Now,on your right pane,Right click on the empty area,and 

select New - > DWORD(32-bit) Value..

Note: You need to choose DWORD even though you are using 64bit version of Windows.

8) Name it as PreventAccessToAboutFlagsInMicrosoftEdge

9) Now,double click on it and set its value data from 0 to 1.

Disable about:flags in Microsoft Edge [Tutorial]

Note : If the above method failed,then create another key named Main under Microsoft Edge ( after

following Step 6) in the same way we create(refer step 5)  and follow the step 7.

That's it..

Now,visit your Edge Browser,you can see it now blocks about:flags..