Enable Special Characters as PIN or how to set up more characters for PIN in Windows 10 - How to guide

People love an security who does great security job for us,that is what Microsoft remembered when

it decided to include some extra security features in its much praised Windows OS Windows 10. This

feature was especially designed for Microsoft Windows Enterprise editions..Which will allow you to

include Special characters in our PIN sign in password.

In this tutorial,let's see how to enable an option that will allow us to include special characters in PIN

of Windows 10 Sign-in Password.

As said earlier,we need group policy editor to customize this setting..

You can install it on your Windows 10 Pro,Home editions,using the method provided here..

if you have group policy editor then follow the below steps..

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Keys Simultaneously and type Gpedit.msc

Step 3 : Hit Enter.

Step 4 : It Will Open a new Window,which is Local Policy Editior,On that Navigate as 


Click on Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->All Settings.

Step 5 : Find PIN Complexity Option.


Click on Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Hello for Business->PIN Complexity

Step 6 : Click on Require Special Characters

Step 7 : It will Open a new Window,on that select Enabled 

Enable Special Characters in PIN of Windows 10

Step 8 : Click on Apply.

Step 9 : Click on OK.

Step 10: Close the Window.

Now,visit your PIN category on settings and type your PIN,you can see your changes as windows will now accept Special Characters as PIN..

That's it..

Hope it helps..😐