How to remove or disable admin password in Windows 10 [Guide]

Password is one of the best way to protect our PC, everything has password implemented now,

whether it may be a credit card or your WiFi network,everything has password ,What if We had

forgot our Password, incase it's for cards, we need to contact our bank and ask them to reset. But

such things cannot be done with PC's.So in this post,let's see how to remove admin password when

you are using Windows 10 PC.

Requirements :

Since,we are not gonna remove the admin password it is essential to remove atleast your PIN or you must be logged in to your admin account.

How to do it...

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows + X and select Command Prompt ( Run as Administrator]

Does,your Windows 10 has no command prompt,only powershell there, on pressing Windows + X key menu??, Don't worry follow the steps shown in this link,to get back the command prompt on Windows + X menu

[How to get back command prompt on Windows + X menu of Windows 10]

[Also see : How to run cmd as administrator in different ways]

2) Once you are at command prompt type the following command

net user 

How to remove or disable admin password in Windows 10 [Guide]

3) it will display the list of accounts on your PC, note your account name which it shows Administrator text near it.

4) Now,type the following command

net user (your account name) *

for example : if your account name was logesh,then type net user logesh *

5) Hit enter.

6) Now,it will ask you to enter password and confirm password, Don't enter anything,simply press Enter key twice

7) It will now say,command created successfully

If it says, System error 87: Access is denied or something related to that,then run cmd as administrator again and follow the above steps again.

How to remove or disable admin password in Windows 10 [Guide]

If it says,The system is not authoritative for the specified account then possibly you had signed in using Microsoft account, sign out from the Microsoft account and try the above steps.

That's it..

Your password was successfully removed.