How to Change default Voice for Speech recognition [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

The Best Operating system should satisfy the users,with Windows 10 Claiming to be the best User

friendly operating System we have options to change everything either through settings or through 

the registry tweaks. One of the best feature available on Windows is its speech recognition. We can 

access Speech recognition through control panel in our Windows 8.1 and 8 devices. but such 

scenario was replaced in Windows 10 as most of the things are migrated to Settings App, which 

makes to search for every settings that resides in Windows 10 . One of such option is speech 

recognition, the option used to speak what we typed.

So,in this post let's see how to change the voice used in the Speech recognition of Windows 10.

Since,most of the things are directly affect on Apps, changing the default voice will affect the voice 

in Apps like Microsoft Office.

How to change voice in Microsoft Office and Windows 10 :

1) Press Windows + I keys.

2) Click on Time and region

3) It will open a new window with Date & time.

4) Select Speech option "Which will be on left pane"

5) When you clicked, it will land you to Speech options

6) Find Text to Speech Option ( Which will be on your right pane)

7) Click on Voice.

8) It will display the list of Voices supported like "Microsoft David Mobile", Microsoft Zira 

Mobile, Microsoft Mark Mobile "

9) Select the voice you wish to set.

10) And click Preview Voice to preview.

That's it..

Now,your system's voice will be changed to the one you selected now.