August 2016

How to set Windows Spotlight image as wallpaper in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Most of us are very fond of Windows Spot light the image feature that will change our lock screen

background periodically.It contains some interesting amazing photography /designs Sometimes,we

wish to set those amazing images as our desktop background to provide a great look mainly we are

attracted to them.I too was on that list who wish to set those pics as desktop wallpaper,but i don't

know how to do that.I know one thing that those pics must be saved on any device to display so i

began to search for every part of my windows PC for sometime at last i finally identified the location

and full filled my wish to set that image as wallpaper.If you are the one who had wish like me then

here is an tutorial to show how to set that lock screen Windows Spotlight pics as your desktop


Just follow my steps...

[Video Tutorial]

1) Press Windows + E which will open your Quick Access/This PC

[See: How to replace quick Access with This PC in Windows 10]

2) On the tab which displays Quick Access / This PC,type the following

C:\Users\[your UserName]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets

in the your UserName field type your username..for example: C:\Users\logesh\Appdata..,etc...

3) Hit enter,


Navigate to 

C:\Users\your Userfolder\

Note: The AppData folder is hidden by default you need to un hide it first to see that folder if your

navigate to that field...

To unhide...

When you are on This PC/Quick Access ..

Click on the View icon Which will be on top bar next to File,Home,Share...

Expand it..

There you can find an option Hidden items "check the Box"and try visiting again..

4) When you are on the Assets folder you can find some items which was displayed as file with very large names

5) Single Click /double click on the file so that it displays Open With...dialog

[See : How to open any item by single Click]

6) Select Photos/Paint..

if you select paint then after it opened click on

File - >Save as -> BMP Picture -> Now, Save the file on your favorite location using any file name example : lw to save and use the pic for later use..


simply Select File -> Set Picture as Desktop background ->Select Fill/Center depending on your


7) Now open the saved file and open it will open in photos App

8 ) Click on the ... icon and Select Set As -> Set as background ..

That's it,visit your desktop you can see your desktop background changed! :0


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How to enable god mode in Windows 10 even after Windows 10 Anniversary update [Tutorial]

Windows has a lot of secrets using which we can tune our PC,customize and even change the way it 

look.If you are not new to windows then you may had already aware of this thing.Yes,there exists a 

mode that have shortcut for all settings available in our PC which is popularly called god mode.It 

Worked on Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7....OS and not surprisingly it was tested working on 

our Windows 10 PC's running Windows 10 latest build OS.If you are novice to Windows then here is 

an tutorial that may give you a chance to enable hidden god mode.

Do you need to download any software ??

The Answer for this question is NO,this is because this option was an inbuilt thing ,all we need to do is to instruct your PC to go to that registry key.

How to do that ??

Just follow my steps...

[Video Tutorial]

1) login to your Windows PC.

2) Right Click on your desktop and Select New -> Folder.

3) Wait ! You can name it as anything for example even your name ...

But don't forget to add period . and the below key/words..

The Key is {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

for example : Name that as lw.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

4) Hit enter.

You can see the icon of that new folder now looking like a control panel icon,if it was then you have 

done right!else re-check/enter the values again.

5) Now click and open the new shortcut ,you can see all shortcuts now appearing on that shortcut.

That's it..


Delete Windows.Old folder after Windows 10 upgrade [Updated Guide]

Delete windows.old folder/ file after windows 10 upgrade - Howto that's what we're going to see in this post. You can also use the steps mentioned here even if you face an error like permission denied when deleting Windows.old folder. When we update our PC to latest OS like Windows 10 latest build our PC we simply enjoy the new features.But when you started exploring your PC you may find a folder called Windows.Old.You may even get surprised the moment you see the size occupied by that folder.Yes.! when we found that folder occupied a size of nearly 12 GB of that drive.When we opened that folder to see what it contains we found it contains just some files that belongs to previous version of windows.

Microsoft Simply said that folder is just an usual folder where our's backup files are saved and they will use those items if the user wish to revert their PC to previous build/edition of Windows.But the real problem is it still exists occupying such amount of space even though the user had never planned to revert his/her PC.I decided to delete that but i can't without using some things.So here with i'm sharing the things i had done to delete that folder,hope it helps for you too..

Note : If you are in Windows 10 Anniversary Update build or Windows 10 Creators Update build, then you can delete it easily, follow the steps shown in this [link.]

Just follow my steps..

Try to clean up System files using disk cleanup which is an easiest way to do so...

[See : How to Clean System files]

Disk Clean up will delete those items in Most cases if it failed,then check this below way..

1) .Right Click on Windows.Old that folder .

2 ) Select Properties.

3) Click on Security tab.

4) Click on Advanced.

5) Near to Owner field there will be option called change,select that.

6) Under the Enter the object name to select field there will be an box,on that type Users.

7) Click OK.

8) Check all the boxes that start with "Replace"

 i.e., Check the Replace owner or sub containers and objects and Replace all child object..etc boxes.

9).Click OK.

10) It will prompt a Msg to ask whether you need full yes because we need that.

11).After selecting yes the Changing Ownership process will begin.

Wait for sometime till it completes...

12) A Windows Security box will appear to confirm whether we really need to change ownership Select "yes" if any such boxes appear.

13) After Sometime the Advanced Security System setting will close automatically.After it closes simply delete the folder like you delete others i.e.,Clicking on the folder and pressing delete key/Shift + Del keys.

14) Select yes if it asks for confirmation.

That's it.. Now go ahead and retry. 

You may see the folder getting deleted now.

Hope it is helpful.

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Change Registered Owner name in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Repair corrupted Windows 10 files [How to guide]

How to turn on System protection/restore after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

System restore plays an vital role in our PC's. If you don't know what it means then let me 

explain in quick words. It is nothing but an option that will help when our PC was in difficult 

state. We can use this option when our PC was infected With Virus,Malware Or Other 

harmful Suspicious things.You can also try this if your PC hadn't worked as it was 

before...The reason for that may be anything depending upon your work like for example 

if your PC went into trouble after installing some kind of Apps or after downloading Some 

stuffs like Music and video's,then you can get back your System to 

normal using this System Restore option. 

Though earlier Windows editions have System Restore Option enabled by 

default, in some editions of Windows 10 system Restore is disabled,we don't why system 

restore was turned off by default..we guess Microsoft simply leaved this thing to 

users if they wish they can turn it on or something like that..Whatever it may its you going to 

suffer if you hadn't turned on System restore as leaving it off will Result in a 

Situation where you can't recover your PC Without proper Recovery Disk(installation media)..

So Here is An tutorial For Turning On System Protection/restore Option.

Just Follow the below Steps in Your PC.

[Video tutorial]

Step 1 : Login to Your PC.

Step 2 : Right Click On This PC(My Computer) desktop Icon. 

Step 3 : Click On Properties.

Step 4 : It Will Open Your PC Configuration On right Pane.

Step 5 : Look For System Protection.

"System Protection Will be Available As An third Option On the Left Pane"

Step 6 : Click On it.

Step 7 : It Will open A New Window With list of Drives in Your PC.

Step 8 : Look For an drive Where You Installed Windows 10. 

"For Example let it be :C"

Step 9 : If Your PC belongs to One of the Editions that i listed earlier, then You Will See 

Protection Field OFF"

If the Protection is Enabled(On), then You Won't Need to Change Anything,Just Close the 

Window And Check Our Next Article.

If You find that Protection is OFF ,then follow the below..

Step 10 : Click On that Drive Where Windows 10  is Installed And Select Configure.

Step 11 : Click On Turn System Protection On Field And Select the Space you wish to give 

windows for system restore points....

Turn on System Restore in Windows 10
Turn On Sytem Restore in Windows 10

Step 12 : Click On Apply and then OK to Save Changes,

After finishing Close the Window.

That's All You Have Enabled System Protection/Restore on Your Windows 10 PC.

Note :This Procedure is Similar to All Previous Editions of Windows like Windows 

8.1,Windows 8,etc...So IF You Need to Check Whether Your PC has System Restore 

Enabled or Not, You too can follow the above Steps...

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

How to deny access to Contact for an App in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update tutorial]

Protecting Privacy is one of the most wanted thing in this growing online world. With Many 

companies already had jumped to access to Contacts for their purpose like to provide relevant 

information,Advertising and so on..But the thing is more number of sites got hacked and the 

information about people which was stored on their servers are made available to public.This leads 

to serious controversies like why they failed to protect from being leaked,etc. But we need to know 

the famous quote "what that's done was done" yes its useless in blaming others instead of blaming 

our self.,because its you to decide what can be allowed and what shouldn't be .!

Anyway here is an tutorial that is based on protecting your contacts from apps.i.e.,How to turn off 

access to contacts in Windows 10.

Just follow my steps..

[Video Tutorial]

1) Login to your PC.

2) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

3) Select Privacy.

4) Click on Contacts tab on the left pane

5) When you clicked you can see the apps that currently have access to your Contacts on right pane.

6) Click on the button (near to the name of app) and slide it towards left side so that it shows OFF.

7) To deny access to all apps at once simply Click/Slide left side of the button that was on  top.

i.e.,Between the Let Apps access to my contacts and Above the privacy statement there will be an

option that shows ON simply slide/click left side to set it to off.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

How to check and install Android Nougat (android n) update on Nexus devices [Updated]

Android Nougat alias Android n was released for nexus devices today.It is available as OTA(over the

air update).

Only selected devices supports this update now...

The devices are...

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6,

Nexus 5X,

Nexus 9,

Nexus player,

Android One

And Pixel C.

How to update ??

Updating your Android to latest version is easy...Since the above devices support OTA your update

will be served automatically if your device was connected to internet.

However,you can manually check for update by ....

Go to Settings - > About Phone - > System updates there you can find your update..

Please note: It takes sometime to serve ota update for every devices,so be patient till your device

receive this update.

The devices that enrolled for android n preview are the first one to receive updates.If you hadn't

enrolled then don't worry just follow the below steps...

1) Go to this official site.[Link]

2) Sign in to your gmail account and Signup for the Android Beta Program (using the same account
you are using in your device.)

3) Scroll and find Your eligible devices field.

4) Find the device you want to enrol and Click/tap Enrol device.

5) Now,follow the onscreen instructions,your device will start receiving Update as soon as you complete the above process..

That's it.



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How to remove & MPC site from google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser [Video]

Tested Working on all Windows 10 editions...

How to remotely shutdown any PC if you are using Windows 10,8.1,8,7 and XP [Guide]

Shutting down our PC is the most common task done by most of us.We just shutdown when we no

more wants to work.Well,but the thing is more number of people are increasingly asking me how to 

shutdown other's PC.And when i asked why??,Most number of people simply said its just to make 

some fun and some others' reason's were little bit different like they need to show  their computer 

skills..Anyway whatever may be the reason here is how to do it...

Things you must remember before doing this...

You need IP Address of the machine you are going to shutting down,so 

A Simple trick that may be helpful in finding that..

First find your ip address and replace the last two/one digits as only last digits will differ in most


For example : if your ip address  was then replace 3 with some digits like 4 or 5(if you need to shutdown your near by system) or 45 depending on the system's distance.

You and the target system must be connected to same network ( like lan).

Never forget this " you must use this only if you are authorized to do,as using this will make you to quit your job if you are working on IT fields (which depends on your companies rules)

OK,let's see how to do this...

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows + R Keys..

2) type " Shutdown -i"

3) Hit OK/ Enter Key.

4) The remote shutdown dialog box will appear...on that do as follows.

5) Click on the Add button.

6) Type the computers Ip Address there.

7) Click OK.

8) Now,select what you want to do on that computer..for example : Restart/shutdown/Annote remote 

Click on the image to view full Size..

9) Check/Uncheck the box " Warn users of the action...."

If you check they can close the warning.

if you unchecked the box then no warning box will be displayed.

10) Select anything like hardware maintanence,security,etc (the thing you wish) on shutdown event tracker.

11) If you want to display your specific message like 'bye' then select Others (planned) and comment that message on the comment box,

12) After you finished everything click OK.

Now you can see that system Restarting/shutting down...


How to disable tab previews on Microsoft Edge after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

Tab Previews the Option that was included in Microsoft edge can be used for both purpose.Some

May like it and Some other may dislike it.Though this was an useful option for providing a quick

look of the near tabs it was disliked by Some users and they are actively searching for a working way

to disable this.First let's see what we are actually talking about...

What is Tab Previews??

If you don't know what is tab preview then let me explain in simple words..

When you have two or more tabs opened in your Microsoft edge browser and when you point your

mouse to the nearest tab (without clicking the tab) the tabs content will be shown as preview Such

option was called tab preview.

How to disable it ???

We had disabled this option before updating to our latest Anniversary update by doing some registry

tweaks but it was restored after Windows 10 Anniversary Update Which lead me to rewrite this post

with proof how it works...

It involves creating a new registry key.Even if you don't know anything about registry don't worry

check the below video tutorial created for you (if you have difficulty in following below steps)

where i had explained the steps as best i can.

[Video Tutorial]

Ok,let's see how to disable this...

1) Press Windows Key and type regedit.

2) Select the top most result "Regedit (Run Command)"

3) If UAC(User Account Control) Pops up select "YES"

4) Navigate to the following...

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge\TabbedBrowsing

5) When you are there,right click your mouse on any  empty area  of the right pane..

6) Select New - > Dword(32-bit) value.

7) Name it as TabPeekEnabled

8) Now double click/Single click on the dword you created and Makesure the Value was '0' on the 

value data field,which was the default value. If not,then change/set its value to 0 by clicking and 

editing on the value data field.

10) Now,restart your edge browser...

You Can find the tab preview was gone..!


How to create and turn on hotspot easily in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

Internet Connection is one of the most wanted thing in our day to day life,and it became one of our 

Part. We can connect our computer through WiFi and ethernet.And the thing is if we need to share 

our internet in older version of windows we need to type some commands like netsh wlan 

hostednetwork blah blah blah ! in command prompt or we need to install an application, but such a 

scenario  was replaced in windows 10.Yes,we can turn on and turn off hotspot in one click,if you are 

using the latest build of Windows 10/Anniversary Update..

So,here is an tutorial that will explain how to do that...

Just follow the following steps in your PC.

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on Mobile Hotspot tab on the left pane

The mobile hotspot field will be available as 3rd from bottom).

4) When you clicked you can see  "Mobile Hotspot" and Other items on your right pane...

5) Click/Slide right side of the option that was available under "Share my internet connection with 

Other devices",so that it looks as ON.

That's it..

Now,type the password that was visible near "network Password" on your connecting device...

You can now share your internet..

Hope it is helpful.

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How to remove badge notifications from task bar [ Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial ]

Windows 10 anniversary update had some great features,but most of the things are changed which

provide really some experience to users.But one of the thing that irritates some users is the badge

buttons on the task bar.It keeps on increasing when new notifications start to appear.So here is an

tutorial to show how to turn off/remove them.

Just follow my steps.

1) When on your desktop/any screen ,press Windows + i Keys ,which will open settings app.

[See : Different ways of opening settings] 

2) Click on Personalization,which will be available next to network & internet.

3) When Clicked it will open a new window with option to change wallpaper i.e background.

4) Click/select Taskbar  which will be on the left pane.

5) On the right pane,look for an option "Show batch buttons"

6) Click/slide towards left side so that it look as OFF.

That's it..

How to replace Windows Spotlight with SlideShow after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

People who updated to latest version of Windows 10 i.e.,Windows Anniversary update 2016 seems

to be in little bit of frustration as most of common things they used(in Windows 10 earlier 

build,windows 8.1,etc) were changed to provide better user

experience...One of the feature changed was Lock Screen slide show.People who had set this option 

in previous editions will no longer see the pics rotating/cycling/Slide show on lock screen this is 

because Microsoft replaced the setting,so that it will show a standard background pic known as 

Windows Spotlight.

So here is an tutorial to show how to get back the slideshow in your lock screen.

Just follow my steps on your PC...

Works on all Windows 10 editions.

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Personalization.

3) Click on Lock Screen tab on the left pane

(The lock screen field will be available as 3rd one).

4) When you clicked you can see the "Background" and other items

5) Click on Windows Spotlight... under that background text.

6) Select Slide Show..

7) If you wish you can add your Pic folder by selecting Add a folder to show slideshow/cycling of folders on lock screen,else leave it blank it will show those pictures from (My)Pictures ..

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

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How to make taskbar Smaller in Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 edition [Tutorial]

Taskbar is one of the great thing used to switch b/w apps, navigate to our favorite areas,and much

more things..But the Problem faced by some of the users it's size.Yes ! Since some apps's icons

won't hide from taskbar, we may get distracted easily or it may look some

kind of weird thing that happen on our PC while we look sudden Whatever it may here is an

tutorial to make your taskbar and its icon to appear smaller.

Just follow my steps...

Works on all Windows 10 editions.

If you difficulty in following below steps,then check the video tutorial created for you...

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Personalization.

3) When you clicked it will open a new window with background as first option on the left pane,on

that same left pane find Taskbar,which will be available as last option.

4) Click on that.

5) Now switch your view to right pane,look for an option "Use small taskbar buttons"

6) Click/drag on the right side of that option,so that it shows it is ON.

7) Close the window.

That's it...You can see your task bar buttons/icons appearing smaller from !

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Yes ! You can find the amount of data used without data monitoring apps on Windows 10 [Tip]

How to find the amount of data consumed by the application in Windows 10 or how to find out which app consumes most of your data in Windows 10 ? that's what we're going to see in this post.

Data is the most essential one that we need to worry about, especially when we are on limited data plan. [See : How to restrict background data usage on windows 10] So, users who wish to monitor their data usage will easily go for an data monitoring application basically, but such tasks are no longer needed as there are dedicated options available on Windows 10 to monitor your data usage..

Yes! Windows 10 has a setting where we can find out the app that consumed our Data..

We recommend you to update your Windows 10 to latest Windows 10 edition to experience some great features in your system.

[See : How to install the latest Windows 10 upgrade]

What you need to do to find it ??

Just follow the below steps in your Windows 10 PC.

Works on all Windows 10 editions.

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on data Usage tab on the left pane

The data usage field will be available as 2nd one from bottom).

4) When you clicked you can see the "Overview" and your estimated data usage..

Click Usage details to view complete list...

5) It will open a new window,where you can find your data usage details...

That's it...

Comment if you have any doubts.

Hope it is helpful.

How to set your network as Metered Connection on Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 build [Tutorial]

Metered connection in Windows 10 - How to set as metered..

Windows 10 the best user friendly OS has no option to disable Automatic Windows updates.As a

result your PC Will download and install Windows updates whenever the update is

available/released.This may be good for those who with unlimited bandwidth,but its' the worst

scenario when your internet was limited.So here is an tutorial which may help you if you falls on the

second category.

When you follow this below steps your internet connection will not be used by unwanted apps and

services,Though Windows 10 limits such things from happening,your PC will still download updates

but only of important security related items ...

Ok,here are the steps..

Check the above video ,if you have difficulty in following below steps...

1) Press Windows + I which will open settings.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on WiFi tab on the left pane.

4) Select Manage known networks option(Which will be on right Pane).

5) It will open a new window,on that click on the Network you wish to set it as metered.

6) When you clicked,it will Show Properties and forget, Select Properties.

7)  Slide/Click on Right Side of the Option that available under Metered Connections,show that it shows ON.

That's it...

Now you have successfully set your Network Connection as Metered...!

How to hide recent items appearing on task bar,quick Access,File explorer [Windows 10 Anniversary Update] [Tutorial]

In this tutorial let's see how to hide recently used items that appear on task bar,Quick access and 

much more on our Windows 10 PC.

Note : This tutorial works on both initial version of Windows 10 july,november edition builds and Windows 10 anniversary update build 1607/14393 build..

Does it require any special skills??

No,it is an simple process all you need to do is follow the upcoming Steps.

If you difficulty in following below steps,then check the above video tutorial created for you...!

1) Login to your Windows 10 PC.

2) Press Windows + E which will open This PC/Quick Access.

3) Click on File (Which will on the top left corner)

4) Click on Change Folders and Search Options

5) Uncheck all the fields under privacy

i.e., Uncheck

  Show frequently used items in quick access 
 Show frequently used folders in quick Access.

6) Again ,Press Windows Key.

7) Type jump.

8) Select the top most result "show recently opened items in jump...."

9)When you click it will open a new window on settings,with that option displaying in box " 

Click/Slide left side of that option,so that it changes its status to OFF from ON...

That's it..

Comment if you have any doubts..

Hope it is helpful.

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How to prevent Sudden restarts for installing Windows update in Windows 10 Anniversary Update edition [Tutorial]

Windows 10 the OS where Automatic update won't be turned off by a novice without following

some steps can update whenever an Update was available.What people hates the Most is the thing it

restarts automatically when an update needs to be installed,Which made people dislike Windows

10.Microsoft noted this and included an option to let users decide when they wish to restart their

Windows 10 Anniversary update installed PC.

This option was called as Active hours and those wish to change the restart time can use this option

to change them.If you don't know how to do it,then continue reading ..Here is an tutorial to show

how to activate active hours to prevent unnecessary restarts on your windows 10 PC...

Just follow the upcoming steps...

If you difficulty in following below steps,check the above video tutorial created for you...

1) Press Windows + i Which will open settings.

2) Click on Update & security.

3) Select Change Active hours which will be under Update settings on the right pane.

4) When you clicked,it will pop up a new window,with 8.00 as start time and some end time.

5) Select your time,which you wish to set as active hours,

Left side column represents hours and right had side represents minutes..

6) Set your End time..

7) Click Save to save changes.

8) Now,click on Restart Options,the option which will be below to this change active hours option.

9) Set it on to over ride active hours.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful..

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How to enable and disable Dark theme after Windows 10 anniversary update [Tutorial]

Probably,the most expected theme that went viral at the time of first release of Windows 10 was the

dark theme.The dark theme which we can got using registry editor was made available as an option

in this anniversary update..So if you are not aware of this,or if you wish to set dark theme as your

default theme for apps,then here is your guide ..

Just follow the upcoming steps..

1) When on your desktop/any screen ,press Windows + i Keys ,which will open settings app.

[See : Different ways of opening settings] 

2) Click on Personalization,which will be available next to network & internet.

3) When Clicked it will open a new window with option to change wallpaper i.e background.

4) Click/select Colors  which will be on the left pane.

5) Now,  on your right pane.Scroll down and find an option choose your app mode,

6) Select Dark to enable dark theme.

If you wish to disable,then click on Light.

You can see your result instantly...!

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

Comment if you have any doubts...

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Notify or disable USB errors in Windows 10 [Windows 10 Anniversary Update] [Tutorial]

How to Make Windows Notify USB errors in Windows 10 or How to turn on or turn off usb error notifications in Windows 10, that's what we're going to see in this post.

Windows 10 anniversary Update brings some couple of new changes,though they are already available inside OS which only needs some time to discover them in earlier versions of Windows 10.

In order to make Windows 10 more user friendly such options are made available with a mindset of encouraging users to customize them.So here is an tutorial based on Windows 10 Anniversary update 2016 which explains the concept of notifying USB problems.

This option is turned on by default in most of the PC's,but in some PC's its still off,so if your pc is on the list were such option is OFF,then here is your guide to turn it on again and vice versa.

Just follow the upcoming steps...

How to enable or disable USB errors in Windows 10

1. Login to your PC.

2. Press Windows + i ,which will open settings

[See : Different ways of opening settings] 

3. Click on Devices.

4.Click on USB on the left pane.

"USB field will be available as last option"

5. Look on right pane,there will be an option "Notify me if there are issues connecting to USB devices"

6.Under that there will be something that look like button,simply slide it towards right side/Click on right side of the button.

That's it...

How to turn off Windows defender notifications after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

Windows defender is the most trusted antivirus once (before commercial softwares like

bitdefender,kaspersky,etc got released),Most people were only depend on Windows defender which

is an inbuilt antivirus that comes with Windows 10.

Microsoft is working very hard to raise the antivirus's ranking to top,we can say they are working on

it as they are implementing advanced techniques in scanning for virus and its related threats.But that

frustrates users is the notification that appear when we are doing some really good stuffs,Some of us

got distracted  easily by this notification.So here is an tutorial to show the way of turning off

windows defender notifications after windows 10 anniversary update...

Just follow the below steps...

If you have difficulty in following below steps,check the above video created for you...

1.Press Windows key

2.Type windows defender settings 

3.Select the top most result

4.Scroll down and find Enhanced notifications 

5.Under enhanced notifications,there will be an option(that looks like button) with on its right side,

  Click on left side of the button or Slide it towards left side to turn it off.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

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iPhone 7 - Here is one more addition to iPhone 7 as Home button got changed ! [Updated]

iPhone 7 the Most awaited phone has lot of expectations in and around the world .It is reported that

the new model have several new features that are aimed to satisfy the customers who're travelling in

the modern era..

So here is a list of features that are currently expected to be in iPhone 7..

#1 New home button

Image used for representation purpose Only...

According to the latest reports,the Iphone 7 will have a new updated home button..

Yes,the Current home buttons are switches that physically press into the phone, but the new models

will have a pressure-sensitive button that provides feedback to the user via a vibrating haptic

sensation rather than a true physical click...

#2 Latest iOS 10

Unsurprisingly,the new iphone 7 will sport a new look with the latest version of iOS 10.

It it is expected to have certain new applications for controlling smart home appliances, and we are 

eagerly waiting for redesigned Apple Music.

#3.Dual camera System...

The new iphone 7 is expected to have sensor whichs will capture color diffrently and will 

take picture simultaneously  that are then merged into single photo,so that the resultant photo will 

look like a perfect photo with improved brightness even in low light conditions.

But the sad part here is only the larger version of this phone will support dual camera system.

Image used for representation purpose Only...

#4.Removal of 3.5mm headphone jack...

Here comes the most interesting part,it is reported that,the upcoming iphone 7 won't have the 

headphone slot and they are dropped.

It rely instead on Lightning headphones or wireless ones Bluetooth headphones.Since Apple was 

developing truly wireless earbuds we are expecting the new iphone 7 will have an support for these 


Image used for representation purpose Only...
This are the latest buzz around the iPhone 7 and i hope i had tried my best to show you that things !!!

Did i miss any thing that's interesting?? 

Point it out in Commentz pls!!

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new home button iphone 7.