April 2019

What needs your attention "This PC Can't be upgraded to Windows 10" error message while upgrading to Windows 10 May 2019 update [Fix]

This pc can't be upgraded to windows 10, this will be the error message you are gonna get while installing latest windows 10 may 2019 update. With the final build already on release preview wing for insiders,  Today, Microsoft announced that the users of windows 10 while upgrading to upcoming Windows 10 May update will see the above error message with text "Your PC has hardware that isn't ready for this version of Windows 10. No action is needed. Windows Update will offer this version of Windows 10 automatically once the issue has been resolved" (Ref, below image).

You might have high end specs that can run many OS simultaneously, but you will still see the error message because of an simple issue.

So, what is the fix/ solution?

Simple, just remove the plugged in external storage, and restart your update, it will now work without any hassles. for example: if you had plugged in your USB drive or any device on usb port, then remove it, and try again, that's it.. 

Here is what Microsoft says about the cause,

Inappropriate drive reassignment can occur on eligible computers that have an external USB device or SD memory card attached during the installation of the May 2019 update. For this reason, these computers are currently blocked from receiving the May 2019 Update. This generates the error message..

Example: An upgrade to the May 2019 Update is tried on a computer that has the October 2018 update installed and also has a thumb drive inserted into a USB port. Before the upgrade, the device would have been mounted in the system as drive G based on the existing drive configuration. However, after the upgrade, the device is reassigned a different drive letter. For example, the drive is reassigned as drive H.

Note The drive reassignment is not limited to removable drives. Internal hard drives can also be affected.

So, will there be any official fix?

Microsoft says, the issue will be resolved in future service updates, and the issue will be fixed for insiders in the windows insider build 18877. Until then, follow the above fix.

Last updated on April 24,2019.

Opera's free vpn down worldwide! (Users, Unable to connect to vpn service) - April 21,2019 [Updated]

We all know Opera is providing free VPN service to android users as well as pc users. Though, it doesn't have all the features provided by the paid vpn service companies, it still have lot of users considering the fact it was free and log free.

Their VPN service seems to be temporarily down as we found many users reports they are unable to connect to vpn service in both PC and android version of Opera.

We reached to Opera team, through forums to know whether there is any issue. 

Opera team confirms, they are experiencing problems, and they are looking for a quick fix.

Below is the statement from official Opera team..

Our VPN team is already aware of the problems and is actively working on resolving them. Cannot provide any ETA but they will bring VPN back as soon as possible. 

 We don't know when this issue will be fixed, as the tech team is already working on it, we will update the content as soon as we have more information.

Update 1  :  There is problem with one of our certificates. We are currently in process of releasing client update as this can't be handled on server side currently
Update 2: Opera team released a client update (Software update) to fix the issue, that too only for stable version of its browser. 
So, if you are using the developer version or beta version then you have to wait.

Update 3: The issue was resolved. If you are still unable to connect to VPN, then try downloading latest update from this link https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2019/04/opera-58-0-3135-132-and-60-0-3255-59-stable-update/ and try again.

Let me know your results.

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Last updated on : April 21,2019 (6.30pm PT)

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Soon, you can track all your personal items, Apple found to be developing new tile like tracker

Soon, you can track all your personal items, Apple found to be developing new tile like tracker

Tech giant Apple is found to be working on a new product that can track all your personal items.  This feature is kind of little bit advanced version or we can call it as an combined version of find my friend and find my Phone app.

So, lets see what is it all about ...!

Codenamed GreenTorch , its actually a tracker like tile. It will track all the items that you might forget, and will notify you via App. So, next time if you forgot where you kept something like your Apple laptop, it will track it and will share you the location, So that you can locate it easily. 

Sources familiar with this, has reported to 9toMac site, that apple is actually developing a new hardware (Codenamed: B389) to find out all your devices (as apple doesn't just want to track apple devices 😅.) And it is said to operate even without WiFi or a Cellular network. In addition to many features like sharing location with friends/people, so that they can also track the item.

We are not sure, how it is gonna operate without network, it might be with Bluetooth or any related tech, all i can say right now, is we have to wait for further information/leaks.

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Help is on the way, something big is coming, Google teases Pixel universe with promotion for Avengers Endgame

We had seen numerous leaks, that showed Google might be working on the mid range pixel model codenamed pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL.  But they are not just rumors anymore.

Today, Google posted a teaser, which more or less confirms that we can expect Google to unveil the new rumored mid range pixel in the upcoming I/O Conference, scheduled for May 8.  "Help is on the way, on May 8  something big is coming to pixel universe" read the post.

Though, it sounds like Avengers Endgame promotion made by Google, we can see lot of Google features on that video, check it out.

If rumors are believed to be true, then pixel 3a would likely have 5.6 inch screen, 4GB RAM and the best part being the high end 12mp camera. (It was rumored that, this new mid range pixel 3a will also sport the Same camera that google uses for pixel 3). Whatever, it may we have to wait till May 8 for the complete specs, but one thing for sure, we can expect the price to be lesser compared to the normal pixel phones.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down WorldWide !

If you are not able to access Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram today (13th April,2019), then you are not the only one. Lot of users, who use facebook, whatsapp and Instagram has faced some difficulties while accessing the site which was later confirmed by popular downdetector site. 

As per the data available at the site, users of USA, Europe and Asia seems to have mainly affected because of this outage.

Facebook team seems to be working on a fix, when i checked, facebook started recovering, but users from Mexico, USA, Malaysia are still facing the issue..We hope the issue will be fixed very soon, until then turn off your devices, grab a cup of coffee/tea and start socializing with your friends in the real world.

As you might have guessed #facebookdown, #whatsappdown and #instadown became trending hashtags on twitter, with lot of memes (check those out, when you are free !).

Update: The issue is now fixed.

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Your PC Might crash if you play games after Installing Windows April 2019 Update, Says Microsoft!

Vacation Mode spotted on Latest WhatsApp Beta !

We all know that WhatsApp is testing out multiple new features through its beta program. Though, we get updates every now and then, most of the features are not enabled to all by default.  In the latest beta update WhatsApp 2.19.101 released for Android, a new mode currently called 'ignore archived chats' was spotted by folks of WAbetaInfo

So, What is this new mode all about..?

Currently, whenever you archive a chat, and if a new message comes from the concerned person/ or in a group, then that particular WhatsApp archived chat will unarchive itself, and will be displayed as recent chats or as one of the top chat, this feature seems to cause little bit privacy concern, if someone suddenly opens your WhatsApp app :(

Inorder, to tackle the above problem, WhatsApp has planned to roll out a new option called Vacation Mode, which will not unarchive the archived chat, even if you got multiple messages (unless you do)

How to enable this..?

Currently, this feature was rolled out only to WhatsApp beta android users, in the name of "ignore archived chats" option. You can enable or disable this feature by visiting Notifications Section on Settings Page.

You will see new option "Ignore archived chats" under Archived Chats. Just toggle that.

When enabled, as said earlier, new messages willn't be unarchived automatically.

You can use this option, if you really worried about archived chats 😁, because Archived chats option is no longer hidden under the bottom, the option was moved below to WhatsApp Web option, which will be visible when you press the three vertical dotted lines on chat screen (Refer above Image).

And that's the end of this post..

Error 0xca00a000 while upgrading to 20H1 build 18875 [Solution]

Most of the Windows Insiders seems facing this error, when upgrading to the new 20H1 build 18875. Eventhough, Microsoft acknowledged that, this is a known issue on one of the post, one of our fellow insider has found the solution to the error 0xca00a000 while upgrading to 20H1 build 18875.

What Microsoft Says,

We have received feedback from some Insiders that they are seeing a 0xca00a000 download error for Build 18875. We are investigating. Please upvote feedback item https://aka.ms/AA4qqb2 if you have experienced this issue.

So, What is the solution ?

The solution is really simple, you need to disable Windows search service, before the upgrade process that's it. 

It might look weird, but It was found to be working for most of our fellow folks, so give it a try.

How to do it?

1) Press Windows and R Keys, which will display Run command.

2) Type services.msc on the box.

3) Scroll down, to Windows search service, and disable the service.

4) Restart your PC

and try again, it will work.

Hope it helps.

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Your PC Might crash if you play games after Installing Windows April 2019 Update, Says Microsoft!

Your PC Might crash if you play games after Installing Windows April 2019 Update, Says Microsoft!

If you are planning to install the latest version of Windows 10, the Windows 10 April 2019 update (Codenamed 19H1) then you should be little bit worried, especially if you are a gamer :( 

This is because, the new version of Windows has some code changes (Which Microsoft claims, it made that to provide better security and user interface) compared to earlier ones Made by Microsoft. As a result, of this some of the games that has anti cheat software mechanism enabled will trigger BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), which is nothing but the PC restarting, with an error message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart...".

So next time, if your Windows freezes or keeps on restarting producing the above error message when you play the game, don't blame Microsoft, because Microsoft says, it has already alerted most game companies, and most of them had already fixed the issue. So, it advises you to check for the latest version of the game, or contact the manufacturer of the game instead of blaming them.

If you think, there is no solution for this, then you might be wrong.. Even though there is no permanent solution available at the moment for this problem, if you are a hardcore gamer, then its better to run those game on any isolated environment, like virtual box or stop installing the latest version update untill someone fixes the issue, its just a temporary solution, but its upto you to decide whether you can install the new upgrade, or not.

Remember this new update has multiple new features available for home users,  like pausing windows updates for particular time like pro users, Smooth and fastest experience,etc.

Google Plus is Shutting down today ! - Here is how you can download your data if you have any..

In case, if you don't know what Google plus is..

Google Plus or shortly G+ is one of the social networking kind of web service offered by Google. This Service was introduced by Google nearly 8 years ago, and today is the final shut down date [April 2, 2019]. Though, Google started alerting bloggers, and other google plus users about the shut down, through various medium like emails, and notifications, a lot earlier, this news still seems to be surprising for some users who rarely use this service.

So, what's next ? Incase, if you wish to download your precious data, then google advises us you to do immediately, as the deletion of data process will start soon.

So, how to download Google plus data after/before shutdown..

As usual, Google made this process very simple to its users.

All you need to do is follow the below steps..

1. Go to Download your data page [Click to visit the page].

"It will display "Your Account, Your Data" page, if not makesure you signed in.

2. By default, all your data will be selected, if not, just select the check boxes and click on Next Step.

3. Now, google will ask you to select how you want your data, like creating Archive.

Just select the preferred delivery method of your data for you. Google provides multiple options like "Sending through email",Add to drive, Add to dropbox,etc for this.

4. Select the file type, you want by default .Zip will be selected.

5. Select the Archive size, and click on Create Archive option.

That's it.. Google will display progress when its complete and you see the progress on the same page.

Remember, Google is shutting down only this service followed by Inbox, and it willn't affect other services like Gmail, Hangouts,etc..

Wrestlemania 35 - WWE wrestlemania 2019 Live Streaming, Matches, Stage and live telecast details.!

Wrestlemania 35, of course one of the most exciting Pay Per View of WWE has arrived.  This time, WWE has really worked a bit more to bring matches to make sure it doesn't bore its viewers. So, lets dig in, to check how to watch WWE wrestlemania 35 live stream, Wrestlemania 35 matches and much more..

So, When is Wrestlemania 35, date and time?

Wrestlemania 2019 aka Wrestlemania 35 is scheduled to take place on this Sunday, i.e., April 7,2019 at New jersey.  

Wrestlemania 35 matches ?

As most of us know, the road to wrestlemania 35 began after the royal rumble 2019. Here are the finalized matches as of now. 

For WWE Raw Women's Championship -> Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair.

Ronda being Raw women's champion, and Charlotte being Smackdown champion, this match will be interesting as the winner will take all the belts.

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins will fight for the WWE universal championship.

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio will fight for United States Championship.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston -> WWE Championship match

Finn Balor (Demon) vs. Boddy Lashley ->Intercontinental Championship match.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. The IIconics -> Women's Tag Team Championship match

Other Interesting matches of Wrestlemania 35, will feature between 

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, Batista and Triple H (no-holds-barred match), 

Randy Orton and AJ Styles, Shane McMahon and. The Miz (falls count anywhere match), 
Retirement match of Kurt Angle against Baron Corbin and last but not least, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle royal.

Wrestlemania 35 Undertaker Match ?

Undertaker's Match at Wrestlemania 35 is not yet confirmed while writing this post, as the Wrestlemania Fame 53 year old dead man has announced his retirement, and hasn't appeared for so long. Even though, insider sources says, there is very less possibility for this match, rumors suggest there might be a match for him against John Cena , but as said earlier, its just rumors.

So, How to watch Wrestlemania 35 live stream for free ?

WWE has announced that, the Wrestlemania 35 will be free for new subscribers, so you can sign up and download the WWE App to watch Wrestlemania 35 legally at WWE.COM or subscribe to their service and enjoy for 1 year. This WWE Network app is also available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Amazon Fire tv and more, check their site for more information.

Wrestlemania 35 live time and live telecast in India?

You can watch Wrestlemania 35 live telecast in INDIA on Sony TEN 1/ TEN HD at April 8, 2019 morning 5.30AM.

More details will be updated, as soon as available. Enjoy.