Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down WorldWide !

If you are not able to access Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram today (13th April,2019), then you are not the only one. Lot of users, who use facebook, whatsapp and Instagram has faced some difficulties while accessing the site which was later confirmed by popular downdetector site. 

As per the data available at the site, users of USA, Europe and Asia seems to have mainly affected because of this outage.

Facebook team seems to be working on a fix, when i checked, facebook started recovering, but users from Mexico, USA, Malaysia are still facing the issue..We hope the issue will be fixed very soon, until then turn off your devices, grab a cup of coffee/tea and start socializing with your friends in the real world.

As you might have guessed #facebookdown, #whatsappdown and #instadown became trending hashtags on twitter, with lot of memes (check those out, when you are free !).

Update: The issue is now fixed.

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