How to Shutdown(turn off) Windows 10 PC - Tutorial

How to Shutdown(turn off) Windows 10 PC - Tutorial

Shutdown windows 10 PC - How to Tutorial..

Everyday we are exploring some tutorials that recover some basic and some advanced stuffs like 

registry editor, Powershell,etc... This post also deals with the basic PC troubleshooting which is how 

to shutdown your Windows 10 PC.

There are various methods (like shutdown windows 10 PC using command prompt, shutdown your 

windows 10 pc without installing Updates, shutdown your PC using Powershell,etc..) we can use to 

shutdown our PC..However,i like to share some of the most 

easiest steps you can follow..

We can shutdown our PC by force. Force Shutdown,  full shutdown our Windows 10 PC. The 

difference between those two is nothing but the force shutdown will shutdown your PC forcibly, 

which means the apps or works that are opened will be closed forcibly result in lose of unsaved data 

loss. Full shutdown is the complete shutdown, it will ask you to save your Work and others like 


Hope i explained the terms correctly..

You can use the below steps to shutdown windows 8 Computer and Shutdown windows 7 

Computer only UI will be different.😊

How to fully shutdown windows 10

1) Press Start button (or) Press Windows Key.

2) You will see the power icon..

3) Click on it..Now it will see options like Sleep,Shutdown and restart..

Select Shutdown

That's it..

Pretty simple right?, here is another method..

How do i power off windows 10 - Method 2

1) Press Alt + F4 Keys on your keyboard.

2) It will close the current window

3) Press, those keys until all windows are closed, you will get the windows logo shutdown window.

4) There will be a shutdown option.

5) Click on it..

It will shutdown your PC

How to force shutdown windows 10 PC (or)

How to Shutdown Windows 10 using command - Method 3

1) We can use Run command to shutdown our PC

Ever heared about run command ? if not then you will know what it is now..

1) Just press Windows + R Key

The Window, that was displayed now is run command, using this you can run any program.

2) Type the command shutdown /s /f /t 0

3) Hit enter (or) Click OK.

You can also use Command prompt and powershell to shutdown windows 10 PC

Though there are separate commands available to that, you can still use the shutdown /s...etc.. 

command on the Powershell or command prompt to shutdown your PC.

These are the easiest ways to shutdown your Windows 10 PC whether it is forcibly or normally.

That's it.. ✌✌✌

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