How do i reinstall Windows 10 [Tutorial]

How to i reinstall Windows 10 - That's what we gonna see in this post.. If you have questions like

How do i reinstall Windows 10, how to do i reinstall Windows 10 when i have no windows 10

media, then here is an guide.

You can reinstall the windows 10 when your hard drive crash. or if you have any errors that happens

in the name of the DPC Watchdog violation or any Blue screen of death errors ..

Even though the Blue screen of death [BSOD] happens now, then (who knows it may be also forever )
for every simple reason like improper configuration, which means your hardware doesn't meet the

required hardware configuration to run Windows 10. Even though Microsoft Says, we can run

Windows 10 when our device runs Windows 8, but the truth is it depends on the System


[See : What is the system requirements for Windows 10]

You need to install Windows 10 32 bit when you have only 2 gb of ram, as installing x64 bit version

of Windows 10 will occupy more ram.

{ Click to see : How to find the amount of RAM your PC has}

Even you have enough ram and enough System configuration sometimes it may introduce restart

loop or will spoil something after Update (Like it broke WebCams on Windows 10 Anniversary


Whatever the cause you may end by reinstalling Windows 10. But, if you don't know how to do it..

then here is an tutorial.

To assist you better i had created the above video tutorial,check that for complete steps on how to

reinstall windows 10...

Download link :

Hope it is helpful.