Install programs on Windows 10 - How to install program in Windows 10 [Beginner's guide]

Install programs on Windows 10 - How to install program in Windows 10 [Beginner's guide]

How to install a program or software or exe or application in Windows 10 ?  that's the question one

of our blog reader asked, he wished to know the steps that are required to install an application on

windows 10. So, in this post let's see how to install application or program in Windows 10.. If you

are searching for this then i hope it is helpful for you too.

Remember application, software, program,etc are just the different names we call, which means,

some people call it as software, some call it as program,etc..they are all same (denoted using

different names)...

How to find a program that can be installed or how can you identify, it is the one that 

can be installed ?

Normally, your windows 10 PC will show which is application and which is not..

You can find it on Type field (See above screenshot).. If it was Application then it is what we can


Remember, Application and Application extension are different items..

We can only install an application not application extension items..

Let me give you a simple trick which may help you to identify it easily..

you will find .exe or .msi, etc at the end of program's name which denotes it is an application.

For example : idm.exe or winrar.exe

So, the first step is to find which is application and which is not..

You can find it using the above trick..

2) After, finding the Application /program /software then double click or single click  on the


3) It will ask for your confirmation by displaying User account control and will ask you to select Yes

or No..

4 ) Select Yes.

If you are not an admin, then you need to enter your system's admin password on the box..

5) After clicking Yes, you will be initialized to the application window.

Installing a program differs from program to program.. As some application may first display license

aggrement and others will display simply display the instructions, some others won' display anything

and will just install on your PC.

The key to successful installation depends on your reading ability..

Read what the current window says, and click appropriate option.

If you are faced with License Aggrement click Agree or Accept.

if you are faced with other windows, then read the onscreen instructions and click the appropriate option, this may be usually Next..

Wait ! Some apps as served as freeware will download their Partner softwares /apps, so makesure

there is any option (check box) which says, like that.. If it says like that uncheck those boxes and

proceed to the next option as downloading such software may affect your PC's performance with

virus or malware depending on the App it downloads.

So proceed every option with caution.

Generally, clicking Next, Next, Next will install the Application.

How to find whether an application was successfully installed in Windows 10 :-

It would be the question that may arise when you install application. Let me, clear your doubt when

an application finished installation, then it would display a window stating that The program was

successfully installed on your Computer click Finish to exit or text that have similar meaning..

When it displays such window, then congrats you had successfully installed an application✌👌..


but, if it displays different text like installation was interrupted, then you need to re follow the above

steps 😳😳..

Like these, you can install any application on any windows 10 desktop or windows 10 laptops.

Hope it is helpful.

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