Add a printer to Windows 10 - How to [Guide]

Add a printer to Windows 10 - How to [Guide]

How to add a printer to windows 10 ? how to install printer in windows 10, how to connect printer to

computer, where is my printer in windows 10 ? - that's the question people usually ask around the

forums. So,i decided to create an separate post to guide how to add a printer in windows 10.

1) Login to your Windows 10 PC

2) Open settings

3) Click on devices.

4) On your right pane, you can find Add a printer or Scanner

5) Click on Add a Printer or scanner

Add a printer to Windows 10 - How to [Guide]

Normally, windows will automatically detect your Printer when you plugged in, you can find how to 

add a device post [Link] if you can't find your device listed even after using the above method, then continue reading the post..

6) Note : if your printer was detected, then follow the onscreen instructions( which will be mostly revolve around you clicking Next, next,etc)  it varies on the device.

7) If your PC can't find the printer, then Click on the Printer that i want is n't listed option.

8) It will open a new window, find printer by other options click on Add a local printer or network Printer with manual settings button.

Note : If you wish to add wireless printer to windows 10 , then Click on "Add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer.

9) Continuing step 8, it will ask you to select printer port,( on choose a printer port window).

Here, if you don't know about computer's much, don't alter anything simply click next.

However, if you are little bit advanced user, then customize it by selecting a port on Use an existing port drop down list.

10) Click Next.

11) It will open Install the printer window.

It will display the manufactures column on left pane , and your device model on the right pane..

In this step, select your Printer company and your Printer model and click Next.

This process is best suitable for beginners as they don't need to everything, windows will take care 

all for them, using windows update.

Recommended for intermediate and advanced users..:

If, you have disk (that comes with your Printer), then insert it, and click Have a disk option (on the step 11 window), browse the drive and select the printer's driver.

12) It will now open Type a printer name,type if anything you need to change,else simply Click Next.

13) It will now open "Printer sharing" window, Make sure "Share this printer so that others on your 

network can find and use it " option is selected if you wish to share your printer in network, else 

simply select do not share this printer option.

14) Click Next.

15) Now, it will load the final page, click on Print a test page button to check your Printer was 

successfully installed and test.

16) Click Finish.

Like this you can connect any printer to your computer and other PC's..

That's it..

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