What will happen when i install an application and how to find recently installed Apps in Windows 10 - [Tip]

Find newly installed Apps in Windows 10 - How to guide...

If you are a beginner and wish to know the newly installed apps location whether it is store app or

desktop app, then here is your guide..

What will happen when i install an application ?

Being an developer myself, i can say all the

process that will happen behind the app installation process but that would confuse you alot. But i

don't like to leave you empty minded because the primary goal of creating this blog is to share some

knowledge i know and to gain knowledge from people like you ( Not everyone is born intelligent, we

grow day by day,i may be somewhat specialized in tech Support, but when it comes to other jobs,

you will do better than me in your specialized area depending on the task).

So i like to share the info that will happen when we install an application..

First when you install an Application, you may see just an app got installed on your System but the

developer should design its user interface how it will respond and what action should it perform ( for

example : when you click Next option, you just see the next window, but the developer would have

coded some code that will be processed by the operating system, whose main role is to send and

manage what the user like you had performed (an activity or a event,) the developer should code

accordingly. For example when accepting EULA ( license aggrement) we will be prompted to select

Agree or disagree. The App should have already been coded like what will happen we click Agree (

display next window) and what should be done when you click disagree(like Close the window). the

developer  would  also make the app interact with operating system, that would be the main case

when we

install drivers.. Drivers are the one that help our hardware work the desired operation, the hardware

would be just a piece of material like clay when there is no driver, drivers are the codes that

were written..those codes are collectively merged to form a program called software which we use

now) Like this there exist a very vast amount of process when it comes to an software.

i think i hadn't confused you, what i said was just an overview or you could take it is an basic


Ok, let's see

how to find newly installed apps in Windows 10

Finding newly installed applications is very very easy process, particularly when it comes to

windows 10..

This is because the newly installed applications shortcut's are stored in the start menu.

What will happen when i install an application and how to find recently installed Apps in Windows 10 - [Tip]

1) Just click on the start button

2) You will find Recently added on the App area..

Below the Recently added list you will find the recently installed application that is new apps.

Hope it is helpful.