How to do Device Encryption on Windows 10 Home and Pro [Guide]

Device Encryption when you hear about the word, then the thing that automatically comes to your

Mind is, Yes i need to encrypt my disk that contains some Sensitive Information. For that there are

various options available. one of them is Bitlocker device encryption. Bitlocker Encryption is trusted

by Microsoft since its introduction to Operating System..It is the option used to encrypt your device.

What is Device Encryption and What is Bitlocker Encryption ?

If you have no idea on what i'm talking about, then let me explain you in simple words (Because

explaining those stuffs may take even ten posts, they are that much long ) Encyption helps you to

protect your information,its like a secret.

 For example : You want to tell something to the friend, like you had kept $2000 on his pocket,and it

looks like falling, but there is five persons between you two, then it would be difficult for you to tell

that frankly particularly, when it was night time, and lonely road then what would you do is, explain

them in a secret manner right, so that the other persons can't understand what you two are talking

right? this kind of technique is called encryption . in computer it is performed on differently.. There

exists different forms of Encryption like encrypting using Algorithm ( Which too have various

Algorithm like RSA, AES, etc.. that's algorithms are differentiated into Public Key Cryptography or

private key cryptography,...) It's such a vast concept..

So, inorder to explain in you simple line , Encryption is the form of Protecting your PC like you

enter Password for sign-in to your Email ID or Online Account.

I hope i made the point clear..

Bitlocker is a kind of software that performs the encryption. We can use this software to encrypt,or in

your words, we are password protecting your drive..

The next question that may arise in your mind may be do i need to download bitlocker for windows 10 .

Well, the answer for the question is no, as Bitlocker is an inbuilt tool in Windows 10.

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Bitlocker

3) Click on Manage Bitlocker, that appear on the top result


1) Press windows key

2) Type About

3) Click on About your PC

4) Scroll down on right pane, and select Bitlocker Settings

5) It will open bitlocker settings

6) Click on Turn on under Bitlocker settings.

7) It will ask for password, type any password you like it..

8) After typing, click Next.

9) Now, Windows will automatically generate a key for you..and will display options like Save to your Microsoft Account , Save to USB drive, Save to File, Print the recovery Key

10) Choose any of those options..

Remember : This is very important, because without this you can't do anything with your drive (

when you forgot your password too)

11) Click on Next..

12 ) After that you will find the last step Which windows will prompt you to select based on your PC

Select Encrypt used disk space Only - if you have new model PC

Select Encrypt entire drive - If you  have older PC.

13) Click Next..

That's it..

If you are Windows 10 Home User...

if you are a windows 10 home user, then the sad thing is Microsoft limited Bitlocker to us..

Most of the new PC's will also have the Windows 10 Home, so it's not your fault..

You don't need to  spend another $100 just for some features.. try the open source software like

truecrypt, Veracrypt, etc..( there are people who says truecrypt is discontinued,as even its official page says it is not recommended, as some believe NSA have found ways to crack it.. but i can say it is still an worth software to try it out if you don't have that much sensitive information...)

1) So download truecrpt,

2) Install it

and follow the onscreen instructions.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

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