Connect2 app- How to download,install & transfer files between devices using Windows 10

Connect2 app download and install in Windows 10 - How to tutorial

In this post,let's see how to download, install and transfer files between devices using connect2app.

Connect2 App is an new application developed and released by Lenovo corporation, which we can

download from Official site and Playstore..

Since, Shareit, the popular file transfer app no longer part of Lenovo. We need to install this

connect2 app on our device to transfer files safely

Infact, lenovo will notify you if it detects share it app on your PC, by stating a message " That

lenovo is no longer a part of Share it and it's not responsible for any software downloads made by

Shareit application.

Since, downloading and installing Connect2 App on Windows follows a large process, which is

difficult for beginners, to assist you better i had made a below video to explain those steps in detail..

So, follow the steps shown in the video to download connect2 app, install connect2 app on 

Windows 10 and to know how to transfer files using connect2 app between devices..

[Video tutorial]

Remember, Shareit is no longer part of lenovo, So connect2 shareit are different apps...
Connect2 app is available in apk format and exe format,i.e., Connect2.exe and connect2.Apk  these

files can be downloaded from Official site,..

Click on the below link (connect2.lenovo..etc) will direct you to Official site (clicking on the link

will open in new window)..

However, if you think share it app is the best app ( of course you may think 😉) you can download it from 

I hope the above video,is helpful for you in downloading and installing and transferring files using

connect2 app.