Delete Windows.Old in Windows 10 - How to delete previous version of Windows 10 [Easiest Way]

Delete Windows.Old in Windows 10 - How to delete previous version of Windows 10 that's what we

gonna see in this post. If you have question like can i delete Windows old  folder ? my answer would

be Yes, you can delete it, in the same time if you have question like why windows 10 won't delete 

previous version of Windows ? , then my answer would be its for you.! you may wonder why and

how. Let me explain, if your PC doesn't support the latest Windows 10 [ See: System requirements of 

Windows 10] , or if you had changed your mind to stay in previous version of Windows, because

you don't like Windows 10 like that, then you can use it restore previous version of Windows , the

option available in Windows 10.

Do you think windows will download the fresh copy of your earlier version of Windows? NO ! it

won't it will restore the previous version using the files that were available on this Windows.old


OK, how do i delete them ?

Most of our friends, will suggest you to use disk cleanup but there is an another option available in

Windows 10.

Just follow the below steps..

How to delete Windows.old folder without disk cleanup in Windows 10

Note : This method will work mostly on Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows 10 Creators

Update, as i tested it on Windows 10 Anniversary update. ( At the time of testing,Windows 10

Creators update was available to insiders, i don't see much change in UI, so it will work on this too.)

OK, let's see how it can be done..

1) Open settings

[helpful link : How to open settings using different methods in Windows 10 ]

2) Click on System

3) Select Storage option on the left pane

4) When, you clicked you can see This PC option on your right pane.

5) Click on This PC

6) It will open some storage capacity like how much apps occupies, media occupies,etc..,Scroll down

and Click on Temporary Files

7) Now, it will open a new window, if your PC has Windows has Windows.old files then you will see

Delete Previous Version of Windows Option, which will be under Previous Version of Windows 


8) It will ask for confirmation, click on Delete.

That's it..

It will delete those files.


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