Uninstall program on Windows 10 - How to remove or uninstall a software from Windows 10 PC

Uninstall program on Windows 10 - How to remove or uninstall a software from Windows 10 PC

that's what we gonna see in this post. If you have questions like how to uninstall a software on

windows 10 or how to remove app on Windows 10, then here is an guide that might help you..

Uninstalling a program on Windows 10 follows the same process you do on Windows 8 or Windows

7. However, there are many ways available to uninstall a program in windows 10. Like, cmd,

powershell,settings,etc..Which means we can uninstall a program using cmd, can uninstall a program

using powershell,etc..

Since, i kept beginner's in mind this post, only shows on how to uninstall a program using control

panel in windows 10.

This trick may or may not work in Windows 10 Creators Update as Microsoft started porting control

panel settings to Settings App ( and there is already an option in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

that let you uninstall a program using Settings App😲😲).

OK, let's see how to uninstall a program.

[Video Tutorial]

1) Open control panel

[Helpful link to See : How to Open control panel in Windows 10 in different ways]

2) Click on Uninstall a program under Programs option.

If you can't see that option, then search it on the search box ( Which will be on top right corner below to x mark)

3) It will open a new window named Uninstall or change a program, on that

click on the program you wish to uninstall

4) Click on uninstall. (Available near to Organize tab)

5) Some Apps will uninstall on the second you clicked, but some may ask you to choose whether

you want to uninstall the whole program or not..

Clicking next, next option will help in such cases.

(Or) Simply Open settings app -> system ->Apps & features -> select your program -> Uninstall.

Hope it is helpful.

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