Extensions tab on history window missing in Chrome 55 and later [Solved] - Here is a way to launch extensions again

Where are my extensions in chrome, where is the about button in chrome - that's what people are

searching in Chrome 55 which can be downloaded using official site google.com/chrome.

Recently if you had updated your google Chrome then, you may be aware of this. Google redesigned

the Chrome's History tab as it replaced it with the complete material design. The chrome 55 update

also features some bug fixes, but the popular extensions and about tabs are missing in Chrome

version  55 and later in the history window.

So, in this post let's see how to access extensions tab, where extensions in chrome located and how to

access extensions in Chrome.

What is mean by extensions ?

As the name suggests, extensions are nothing but the additional things that help the user to add some

more facilities the browser lacks. For example : In Some btowsers, the translate of page is done by

the extensions.So they are simply the additional facility that can be downloaded and installed.

In Chrome, they are available in .crx files, Which means when you download chrome extension you

will see the filename .crx files downloading..

Where are my extensions in Chrome ?

They are located inside the Chrome folder which would be on many locations like AppData,

program files and so on.

How can i find extensions on Chrome ?

In the earlier versions of Chrome, you can see the Chrome extensions tab available on the history tab

which can be opened by simply pressing ctrl + H keys on keyboard. But in the update the extensions

tab was removed so, you can't open it using that method, you need to follow the main method...

1) Open Google Chrome.

2) On the top right corner, you will see the icon click on it..

3) It will display many options like New tab, New Windows,etc.. Find More tools option and click

on it.

4) When you clicked it will open more options now like  Save page as, Add to desktop, Clear browsing data, extensions, etc..

5) Click on Extensions

That's it..

You will find all your Extensions there...

That's the end of this post..

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