Brightness control - how to adjust brightness on Windows 10 desktop and laptops [Guide]

Brightness control - how to change or adjust brightness on Windows 10 desktop and laptops that's

what we gonna see now. If you are using Windows 10 then the first thing you will check is how to

change brightness in Windows 10. Because, brightness plays the main role on your PC whether it

may be laptop or desktop, you need to control brightness to protect your eyes.So, here is an guide to

show how to change or adjust brightness in Windows 10.

If you think you can't control brightness, then here is an post[check it out]

Do you need any software ?

No, you doesn't require to download software to control brightness in Windows 10, As to adjust

brightness there is an inbuilt option in Windows 10.

then, how to do it ?

Just follow the below steps..

How to adjust brightness on Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 laptops.

Whether you are using laptops made by dell, hp, or asus you can control brightness using an option

inside Windows 10.

Remember, your Laptop keyboard will have dedicated switches that will perform the operation for

you, they are indicated by light symbol like sun ☀☀☀ Find those switches and press on your

keyboard with Fn Keys. for example : Press Fn + F2 or simply F2(if some driver was installed)  to

lower brightness on some hp laptop.

Like this, you can adjust any laptops brightness..

Ok, let's see how to do it using Windows 10.

1) Open settings

[Helpful link : How to open settings using different methods in Windows 10]

2) Click on System

3) Click on Display

4) Now, on your right pane, there will a number of options, find Scroll down you will find the option

"Adjust Brightness level"

5) Below that, there will be a slider click or drag to the amount of brightness you need.

6) When you finished, close the window..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful

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