Lineage OS - Update on Infrastructure status and Official builds details revealed..

Lineage OS - Infrastructure status and Official builds details... I had told that lineage Os would be

the continuation of Cyanogen mod in our earlier post... Today, as they said, they had released an

update regarding the lineage OS. In the post the community said, they are trying to reach people

and are offering invites to build the next OS.

If you hadn't received an invitation, then you may soon be invited, says their Post..

What the team said, was they are not going to build the ROM immediately. They are first going to

build/ test the version of OS from Others, and will decide what they can do next..

Currently, (as of Dec 29,2016) the community asks people to contribute to the community if they are

willing to build slaves and mirrors..

lineageos update

So, if you wish to contribute then, you can contact them via .

Further details, about the project and ROM's are not revealed now, they mentioned it will be

available, when it was ready..

That's it..

Hope the information was helpful.