Where is Windows explorer in Windows 10 located and how to find the file explorer [For beginners]

File explorer in Windows 10 - Where is Windows explorer in Windows 10 and how to find the file

Works on all Windows Editions especially Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10 earlier builds like Aug 2015 and Nov 2015 builds.

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If you are searching for windows explorer or how to find file explorer then here is an guide that may help you.

What is Windows explorer and What is file explorer ?

Windows Explorer and File explorer both are same.. They are used to browse our stored apps, files
and it related elements that exists inside our hard disk or SSD. If you are a lover of Windows XP,
Windows 7 then you don't need to learn about the file explorer when it comes to windows 10.

Because, Microsoft had renamed the windows explorer into file explorer..

So, don't get confused 😑

[The above image is an sample image of File explorer]

Where is my file explorer located and how to find file explorer in Windows 10 (or ) how to open 

file explorer in windows 10

File explorer and windows explorer all resides inside our windows 10. File explorer is the thing that

we call it as my computer in XP and 7. Which are now called as This PC in Windows 10.

So, to open your File explorer in Windows 10 Anytime..

i) Single Click or double click on the This PC

[Helpful link : How to create shortcut for this PC in your Monitor screen(called as desktop).]


ii) Press Windows (logo) + E Keys on your keyboard.It will open the file explorer window

iii ) Look for an folder icon on the taskbar( see below pic).

Click on it..

It will open the file explorer..

Note : At first it will open quick access (the favorites folder) however, you can change it by following the steps shown in this article [link]

That's it..

There exists many more methods, but the above methods are enough to open a file explorer in

windows 10 because they are the most commonly used methods by an PC user.

You can use these methods on any computer or you can guide when someone asks where is my file 

explorer ?

Remember you don't need to download file explorer as it is inbuilt in windows 10

Hope it is helpful

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