Where is OneDrive App ? What it is ? and How to open it in Windows 10 [Updated]

Where is OneDrive app and How to Open OneDrive application in Windows 10 - That's what we

gonna see in this post. If you are new

to windows 10 then the first thing you will notice apart from my computer icon missing in desktop

is the OneDrive app. You

may think about it like what is OneDrive on this windows 10, and it would be better if someone

explain OneDrive to Me. So here is an post to show what is OneDrive and how to open it in

Windows 10.

What is OneDrive in Windows 10 ?

It would be very much big concept.. But i like to explain that in a short note..

OneDrive is an cloud storage facility. You can backup all your files, folders and everything Online..

When your PC is in trouble or if your system fails, then you can use this OneDrive to download the

backup copy of that file anytime, anywhere for example : You can download the file in your Friend/

relative system.

Which would be the best feature if you have a very good internet connection because your Files will

be uploaded online, this concept is known as Syncing.

How to open OneDrive in Windows 10 ?

if you wish to open OneDrive then you don't need to download OneDrive desktop app, because in

Windows 10 OneDrive is inbuilt.

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type OneDrive

3) Select the top most result OneDrive on the Apps section.

Where is OneDrive App and How to open it in Windows 10 [Updated]

It will open OneDrive in your PC.

That's it..

Using the steps shown in the post, you can Open OneDrive desktop app in any desktop and laptops..

Hope it is helpful.

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