System information in Windows 10 - How to check or find your System Information in Windows 10,8,7 [In 2 Steps]

System Information in Windows 10 - How to find or check System information using system

information panel in Windows 10 -

That's what we gonna see in this Post. If you are looking for how to find PC info in windows 10,

Windows 8, Windows 7.

then here is a way to find your System information in Windows 10. - Works on Windows 10 Creators 

Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update and other earlier version of Windows 10.

Do you need software to find System info on Windows 10 ?

No, you don't need to download software to find system info in Windows 10, as it is very simple process..

then, how to find it ?

Its, just a simple process, though there are many methods available to find your system configuration

in windows 10, here i show the simplest method to find system information in windows 10.

How to my System Information in Windows 10..

1) Press Windows + R Keys

2) Type Msinfo32

3) Press Enter

(or) Click OK.

4) It will open a new window, on that window on System Summary , you can find on your system


That's it..

Hope it is helpful

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