Disable or enable data Roaming in Windows 10 [guide]

Turn off or turn on data roaming for cellular network in Windows 10 - That's what we gonna see in

this post.

If you are using data connection in Windows 10 on a cellular network or mobile network, then you

need to disable or turn off data roaming on your device to prevent the extra charges that comes when

we make connection to internet.

in this post how it can be done..

How to disable Data roaming for Cellular network in Windows 10 or

How to enable data roaming in windows 10 -

1) Press Windows Key

(or) Click on Start button

2) Click settings

3) It will open the settings window, on that click on the Network & Internet

4) Select Cellular

If cellular doesn't appeared then you hadn't connected your PC using cellular connection.

Connect your PC using cellular connection, then follow the steps..

5) When you clicked Cellular, you will asked to select cellular network

6) Select the cellular connection name

7) Select Allow roaming

if you wish to disable data roaming, then simply click Disable roaming

That's it..

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