Install Printer driver in Windows 10 - How to install hp, canon, etc printers on Windows 10 [Guide]

Install Printer driver in Windows 10 - How to install hp printer driver,Epson printer driver,canon printer driver, samsung, etc printer

drivers. that's what we gonna see in this post..

If you wish to install printer driver in windows 10 then here is a post that may help you..

Do you need any software ?

Yes, you need a software called drivers, which can be downloaded through windows update or

through manufacture site.

You can try some driver installation softwares, if they were freeware.

How to install printer software in windows 10 ...

1) To reinstall printer you need to first uninstall the existing printer driver. So follow the steps shown

in the below post and remove your printer from windows 10 PC

[See : How to remove printer in windows 10]

2) After, uninstalling then follow the steps shown in the below link to know how to add printer in windows 10.

[See : How to add printer in Windows 10]

3) If you can't find the appropriate printer driver, then note your Printer Model Number and its manufacturer name, you can find them on the printer box, if you can't find the box or if there is no box provided then check on the printer.. as

They will be mostly printed/ written on the printer device itself.

For example : HP Pro 577z

4) Note down, the printer model and manufacturer name...

Open or

type the model name and manufacturer name and type download.

select the official site  that starts with your manufacturer name..

For example : or

5) There, you will find the driver for your device..

6) Download the software and install it like other programs..

Follow the Onscreen instructions to install they will be mostly selecting Next, Next,etc..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

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