Facebook Launches Colored Status - Now, You can add color...!

Facebook is inventing new things to attract users.. Soon, if you are a Facebook user then

there is a feature coming to you. This feature will allow you to post some color behind your

Facebook status. Which means, you no longer need to see the White color background when

you post status and when some post it.

Image Credit : Facebook

Facebook says the feature is under testing phase, and they are testing in some abroad regions,but not

in the United States..

If it was available in your region, you can now post status on using colors.

When, you post status, you will be provided an option to choose any color. like red, green,etc..

when you pick those colors, it will be made as your background color of status.

but,if it was n't available on your region, then you will continue to use the white background on your

status, but you can see this feature on your timeline when some of your friend post it.

This status can be viewed on all android, ios and Web but this feature is first coming to Android


So, if you are a android FB user, then you will get a chance to taste this adding background text color

to your status anytime soon.