Restart or Reboot Windows 10 PC [Updated]

How to restart Windows 10 PC that's what we are going to see in today's post.

In our last post i had explained some ways to shutdown our PC [Click to See] which seemed helpful for many friends. So, in this post i like to explain some methods to restart our PC.

I made a separate post to show how to restart windows 10 PC or more commonly how to reboot windows 10 PC, because lot of us people find it very difficult especially beginners. Many of us who knows about windows ask you to restart pc whenever there was an issue, but we never said how to do, which will make you to think how to do if you are beginner...

You can use this, to restart Windows 10 laptop, restart windows 10 desktop,tablet and any device whether its your's or your friends..

Remember there are various ways, we can use to restart our PC, but i like to show only some of the easiest ways you can perform reboot..

Just follow the below steps..

How to Reboot Windows 10 - Method 1

1) Press Start button (or) Press Windows(logo) Key on your keyboard.

2) You will see the power icon..

3) Click on it..Now it will see options like Sleep,Shutdown and restart..

Select Restart

That's it..

How to restart Windows 10 PC using Command prompt - Method 2

1) Run Command Prompt

 [Helpful link : How to Open command prompt in Windows 10]

2) Type the command

Shutdown / r /f

3) Hit enter.

You will see your PC restarting now..

Bonus way: How to reboot Windows 10 PC using Alt + F4 Keys

1) Press Alt + F4 Keys on your keyboard.

2) It will close the current window

3) Press, those keys until all windows are closed, you will get the windows logo Window

4) It will display options like Shutdown windows click on it -> expand it by pressing down arrow on your Keyboard you will see restart option.

5) Click on it..

It will Restart your PC

How to restart Windows 10 using Powershell - Method 3

1) Open powershell

[ Helpful link : What is Powershell and how to open it in Windows 10]

2) When Powershell is opened, type the following command

Restart-Computer -force

Bonus tip : If you want to restart your friend or near by computer ,connected with your device then you can replace the above command, with the  below command which is used to restart computer connected on same network using powershell, the command for that is Restart-computer -computername (the name of the computer you wish to shutdown)

Type the computer name next to -computer name.. for example : If you wish to shutdown lw pc, then type restart-computer -computername lw

That's it..


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