Windows 10 'C' Drive Full without any reason [Solved] [solution]

Windows 10 'C' Drive Full without any reason [Solved] [solution]

My 'c' drive suddenly Full without reason in Windows 10 - This time it's not for my friends, to meπŸ˜ƒ

πŸ˜ƒ( I smiled because i fixed the problem :0 ) If you are experiencing the same  problem and have 

questions like "c drive keeps filling up in my windows 10 PC" or "My c drive suddenly in full 

windows 10" or any other related query, then here is a simple guide that may help you to fix the 

problem. -Works on Windows 10

Creators Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10

earlier builds like Aug 2015 and Nov 2015 builds..

                              Windows 10 'C' Drive Full without any reason [Solved]

How to clean it?

There, are many things that may fill up your PC like installing many softwares, your PC has more 

files and something related to it..

But, sometimes you may find your 'C' drive full without any reason, like it happened to me, I just 

wrote a blog post about how to Check amount of free space in hard disk or SSd you can see it 

[here] but when i returned after my breakfast i was shocked to see My hard disk Space becoming 

I don't know, what happened to my PC, so i started to figure out the things.. Which i worked..

First, i checked Whether System restore point was full.

How to clean System Restore Points in Windows 10

1) Right click on This PC and Select Properties.

[See : How to make Windows to show desktop icons in Windows 10 ]

2 )Click on System Protection on the left pane.

3) It will Open System Properties

4) Select the 'C' drive on the Protection settings

5) Click Configure

6) It will open System Protection for Local Disk C:

7) Click on Delete

8) Click on Apply - > OK.

Unfortunately, it doesn't showed much result to me, So i moved to the next step which is 

clearing Recycle Bin

How to delete Recycle bin files in Windows 10

1) Open recycle bin

2) Press Ctrl + A, and then Shift + Delete keys on Keyboard

That's it..

It doesn't worked for me, because i usually delete files using the shift + Del method which 

will permanently delete all your files.

So, i moved to clear temp section..

How to clear temp in Windows 10..

Refer the below video..

[Video tutorial]

It cleared some free space, but still i'm not satisfied..

Next, i thought to use disk clean up utility but, i thought it won't yield better result, because i only 

At last, i done something unusual (i don't know how it appeared on my mind) it's looking on Event 


I finally solved the problem. What happened to my PC was,it faced with Blue screen of Death error 

again and again. 

Since, it worked for me on the previous step, i had stopped. However, if your issue was still resolved, 

try deleting or uninstalling a program that occupies your hard disk Space.

That's it..