Enable or disable Blue light Reduction - How to Lower Blue Light Automatically in Windows 10 [Creators Update feature]

How to Lower Blue Light Automatically in Windows 10 - Enable or disable bluelight filtering in

Windows 10 Creators Update that's what we gonna see in this post.

It seems Microsoft is bringing the f.lux an  freeware tool that will automatically lower our screen's

blue light to prevent our eyes from spoiling while using PC. What this tool will do is, it will

automatically adjust our screen brightness/ filters blue light emmiting from our screen based on our

day time and night time.

Since, it is a useful feature, lot of users requested Microsoft to include it as an option in Windows 10.

But, it was not included in the previous builds ..! but now Microsoft is gonna include this feature as

we got this option on the Windows 10 Creators update insider build 14997.

Since, the stable build will feature all the  options served to insider previews most of the time, you

will receive this feature in Windows 10 Creators Update aka redstone 2 build.

OK, let's see how to turn on or turn off blue light filtering in Windows 10.

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows + I Keys, which will open settings app

[Helpful link : How to open settings using different methods in Windows 10]

2) Click on System

3) Select display

4) Now, on your right pane you will see an option "Lower Blue light Automatically "

We need to change this option.

If you wish to turn on or enable lower blue light , then

Click/tap right side of the Option

so that it looks ON.

On the other hand, if you wish to turn off blue light filtering in windows 10, then

simply click/tap left side of the option

so that it looks OFF.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

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