Computer takes too long to boot after Intel display driver update in Windows 10 [Solved]

Today, i faced with a problem. My Windows 10 laptop took some more time to boot into desktop

then its actual time. I decided to find out the reason so, i checked windows update and found there

was an update installed to my PC through windows update and it is for Display adapter by Intel

Corporation. So, i decided to fix it and fixed myself using the steps given below.. If you are facing

with such issue then i hope it might be helpful for you ..

Why this happens?

Normally, Updates are served to fix the bugs that resides in the previous version, Updating the driver

will give you a more control on your display like more accurate text display and scaling,


But, inorder to perform those our PC must start the driver right ? So, its the startup of driver that

makes our windows 10 laptop or Windows 10 desktop to took more time.

So, how to fix it ?

Just turn off the startup of Intel driver.

How to turn off or disable the startup of Intel driver in Windows 10 

1) Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc

2) It will display the task manager, click on the Startup tab.

3) You will find list of programs that start on your Windows 10 computer.

4) Find "hkcmd Module, igfxTray Module ,Persistence Module or some other things that were

developed by Intel Corporation.

Important note : Some of them will be a core property of your display or some other device's driver,

so disabling those things will make your system unstable, so its better to leave it on, unless it really

slows your system..

Computer takes too long to boot after Intel display driver update in Windows 10 [Solved]

5) Right click on those items and select disable.

That's it..

This fixed the problem of mine..

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