What is Windows Hello and How to create shortcut for Windows Hello in Windows 10 [Updated]

What is Windows Hello and How to create desktop shortcut for Windows Hello in Windows 10 -

that's what we gonna see in this post.. Updated to Windows 10 Anniversary update build of

Windows 10.

If you are new to windows 10 then, possibly you had heard about this word Windows Hello. even if

you don't know about, here is an guide that will make you understand..

What is Windows Hello in Windows 10..

In the mind of adding more security to your PC, Microsoft had introduced a new feature that will

cope up with the latest trending PC's. Explaining Windows Hello is a large process as it contains vast

amount of information working on the background.

So, to be simple and make you understand, i can say windows Hello is like a feature that was

introduced to make your device secure.. You can use this feature to unlock your PC using Biometrics

and if your device supports finger print sensor.

Like the above There are certain requirements to use Windows Hello in Windows 10.

So, if you receive an error like Windows Hello isn't available on this device, then you need to

understand that your device doesn't support for windows Hello.

Since, it is an inbuilt tool, you don't need to download windows hello for windows 10

How to set up windows hello (or)

How to create Desktop shortcut for Windows Hello..

1) login to your Windows PC.

2) Right Click on your desktop and Select New -> Shortcut.

3) It will ask for location, type ms-settings:signinoptions

4) Click Next.

4) It will ask you to name it, You can name it as anything for examplee  settings ...

5) Click Finish

That's it..

Now, you click on the shortcut which will launch Windows Hello settings.

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