Safe mode in Windows 10 -How to enter to safe mode in 2 steps [Updated to Windows 10 creators update]

Safe mode in Windows 10 - how to enter into safe mode in Windows 10 in 2steps works on Windows 10 creators update, windows 10 anniversary update and other builds of Windows 10..

Whenever you are faced with an error what  people would instruct you to do is just boot into safe mode and make sure whether it works.. But we never say how to boot into the safe mode. So you guys if you are searching on how to boot into safe mode in your Dell laptop or how to boot into safe mode in HP laptop or on any desktop or laptops, here is your guide....

Do you need any software ??

No, we don't need an software to enter into safe mode...

Then how do it ??

Just follow the below steps..

How to boot into safe mode in Windows 10 on Windows 10 desktop and windows 10 laptop..

I like to point out an important thing..

There are many ways we can use to boot our pc into safe mode like using command prompt, using PowerShell and using registry.. however in this post we are gonna see only the steps on the beginner level, that will work for sure..

The above video is based on safe mode which starts with entering into safe mode..

follow the first few steps shown in the video if you can't find safe mode or if you lost in below step

1) Switch on your PC

2) After your windows boots, you will see the login screen.

3) Now, you can see the power button on the bottom (right corner) of the login screen..

4) click the power button you will see options like shutdown, restart, etc..
Now, hold your shift key on the keyboard and press restart..

5) It will reboot your computer, and will display the advanced options ...

6) select number 4 on the keyboard..

Now, it will boot your PC to safe mode.

That's it..