Scan my computer for Virus- Schedule automatic System Scan in Windows Defender [Guide]

Schedule a scan in Windows defender on Windows 10 - That's what we gonna see in this post...

Works on Windows 10

Creators Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10

earlier builds like Aug 2015 and Nov 2015 builds.

Do you need any third party Software?

No,we don't need an additional software to do this schedule a scan on Windows 10 PC as such

options are inbuilt inside our PC, we don't need an auto scan app for Windows 10, Also you

don't need to know scan commands to schedule a scan on Windows 10 PC and execute on cmd, 

as i had explained the easiest way in this post.

How to do it ?

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type scheduled tasks

3) Select the top most result scheduled tasks 

4) Expand Task scheduler Library on left pane

5) Expand Microsoft

6) Expand Windows

7) Scroll down and double click on Windows Defender folder

8) On your right pane, you can see some options changing now..

double click or single Click on Windows defender scheduled Scan

9) It will open Windows defender Scheduled Scan properties

10) On that, click on Triggers tab

11) Click on New ( which would be on the bottom of the window)

12) Now, it will open New trigger window

13) Now, configure the time you wish to perform scan for on the settings, like start time and end


and click OK.

That's it..

Like these, you can scan your computer for virus on a schedule on any Windows 10 laptop and

windows 10 desktops.