Disable or Turn off time restriction in Windows 10 - How to [Tutorial] [Updated]

Disable or Turn off time restriction on Windows 10 - That's the question a user asked on our

YouTube channel. Though we already explained how to set time restrictions on Windows 10, I hadn't

made a point clear on how to disable time restrictions in windows 10. So, if you wish to turn off time

restrictions in windows 10, then here is your guide..

Works on Windows 10 Creators update build OS, Windows 10 Anniversary Update build OS and All

earlier builds of Windows 10 like Windows 10 Aug 2015 and Windows 10 Nov 2015 build OS.

Do you need to download software ?

No, we don't need to download an software to turn off time restrictions in Windows 10, You just

need to be an Administrtator.

[Click to see : How to run cmd as admin]

OK, then what are the steps...

1) Sign-in to your Account.

2) Press Windows + X Keys and select Command Prompt(Administrator)

3) You will be prompted to select "Yes" or "NO",select "yes"


Don't like this User Account Control popping out everytime??,then disable it by using the method used here...]

4) OK,now you will get a black screen window with C:\System32\

5) Type net accounts youraccountname  /time:all

for example : If your account name is logesh, type net accounts logesh /time:all

6 ) Hit enter.

That's it..

It will disable time restrictions for that user.


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