Is the Windows 10 Free Upgrade still Available ? -Yes it is ! [Updated]

Is the Windows 10 Free Upgrade still Available ?  that's the Question most of the Windows Users ask.

This is because Microsoft Slowly ending its support for previous Windows Operating Systems. With

the latest being Support for Windows 7 ended on Jan 13,2015 and Windows 8 being the next of list

which going to end on Jan 9, 2018.

Users like us are forced to upgrade our PC to latest windows.

In the long time ago, Microsoft Offered an App named GWX (Get Windows 10) for all Windows 7

and Windows 8 users so that they can upgrade their PC to Windows 10.

Even though Users had a chance to upgrade their PC to Windows 10 they decided to stay with

Earlier versions of Windows  just because of the only reason people considering Windows 7 to be the

best than the Windows 10. If you had changed the mind and wish to upgrade to Windows 10 for


Then here is only one way..

Remember the official deadline for free upgrade ended in July 29,2016

but, we still can do using the hidden gateway of Microsoft.

All you need to do is to download an EXE from the above website link..

Run it on your windows machine..

It will silently Upgrade your PC to Windows 10.

Update 18/12/2016 :

Important Note : Microsoft hadn't  ended the support, so we can still upgrade our PC using the

above way...

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