How to Install themes from Store in Windows 10 - [Windows 10 Creators Update feature]

How to install themes from Windows Store in Windows 10 - That's what we gonna see in this post..

Works only on Windows 10 Creators Update build [ As of December 21,2016]

If you remember, Microsoft started releasing themes from Windows 7 for Customizing Windows

desktop. In Windows 10 Creators Update you will get a new option to install themes from Windows


It started appearing on build 14951 [ Which is a testing build of Windows 10 ] showing that there is a

new feature coming to Windows 10 Creators Update [aka] Redstone 2.

So, here is an way to show how to install themes from store in Windows 10 Creators Update build


How to install ?

To Install or Apply theme from store,

Just follow the following steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Store

3 ) Select the top most result ( Store trusted  Windows store app... )

4) It will open the Store, on that do as follows.

5) Click on Top Apps button.

6) It will Open Top Free apps section.

7 ) You will find Chart, Type  and category options.

8) Click on Category button, and select Personalization

9) It will refresh and will begin to show some items, Initially it is hard to find which is theme

and which is app.

Let me, share you a simple trick ( this will work only for now,because they are just launched)

You will find no rating behind the Themes..

For example : If you are viewing store app, then you will find ⭐ behind or below or near

to the app

if there is no star, then it will be the theme ..

10) Click on the tile..

11) It will Open the new window, and there will be a Get option.

12) Click on it..

13 ) It will install..

After installation, you can find the theme now on your desktop

That's it..