Problem in Connecting to Internet in Windows 10 Version 1607 [Updated] [Solved]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Problem in Connecting to Internet - How to fix guide..

If you are in Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 1607 then the main problem you had witnessed

is your internet will broke now and then.

Such scenario was experienced by me too,as my internet connection (which i initially suspected as

ISP problem ) suddenly changes to limited in Windows 10, even though internet works on my

android device connected to WiFi. So, here is an solution that will fix network connection issue in

your Windows 10 PC that worked for me.

Problem in Connecting to Internet in Windows 10 Version 1607 [Solved]

1) The first thing i will do whenever i faced with such issue is restarting my PC, rebooting my PC will

fix the problem most of the times .

So, try restarting my PC( not shutdown)

[Helpful link : How to reboot or restart your Windows 10 ]

2) Though, the first solution will work in most case, we can't restart our PC everytime right ? So i recommend you to run Windows network diagnostic tool..

[See : How to download Windows network diagnostic tool in Windows 10]

Those are the solutions that worked for me.. i hope it works for you to.

Hope it helps..

Update : Microsoft declared it as an known issue and they had released an update named

KB3206632  (DEC 13, 2017 UPDATE] So, download and install the update it will fix that issue..