What is Windows Defender Offline and where to find it in Windows 10 [Guide]

Windows Defender Offline is the new feature that was introduced in Windows 10 [Since i was on my

insider build ,I don't remember the exact build version] but i think it is on anniversary build of

Windows 10.

Ok, Coming to the point, in this post let's see what is windows defender Offline and how to use

windows defender offline in Windows 10.

What is Windows defender Offline ?

Windows defender offline is an option that was like a rescue cd (if you are aware of third party

softwares like Bitdefender rescue cd, then it is similar to it ) It when started will program itself to

start right before the Windows Installation start booting, and will begin to start to start scanning your


To say in a single sentence, it's like a Rescue cd that can be used to clean malware and virus threats

in your PC.

Do you need to download Windows Defender Offline on windows 10 ?

No, it is an inbuilt tool, so you don't need to download Windows defender offline on Windows 10.

then, where to find it?

just follow the steps below..

How to find Windows defender offline in my Windows 10 PC

1) Open settings

[Helpful link : How to open settings using different methods in Windows 10]

2) Click on Update & security

3) It will open a a new window,Select Windows defender on the left pane

4) Now, after you clicked you can see many options on the right pane..

5) Scroll down till you find Windows defender Offline.

6) You Will find the Scan Offline option.

7) Click on it.

It will immediately restart your PC

Wait, for sometime.. It will load Windows logo and Please wait text..

After that it will open windows defender offline where the scan process will begin.

After scan results, you can close the window, which will restart your PC..

Wait for sometime, as it will take sometime for windows to boot into desktop (experienced😑😑😑)

That's it..