What is Pin or Passcode or Passkey of my Bluetooth Accessory to pair in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

What is Pin or Passcode or Passkey of my Bluetooth Accessory to pair in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

How to find the pin for an bluetooth accessory to pair in Windows 10 - that's what we gonna see in

this post.

When you wish to connect a device via bluetooth to whether play or transfer files you will be

prompted to enter the PIN for that accessory to connect.

This would be the case for most of the devices.. Though only most of the modern devices request

you to enter Pin, some of the Older devices will ask you to enter it..

if you have questions like What is my Bluetooth Passkey, where i can find pin for my bluetooth,

 here is an guide to find the pin for bluetooth to pair.

You can try this on any PC that runs Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10

Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10 earlier builds like Aug 2015

and Nov 2015 builds.

 How to find pin number for your Bluetooth

1) First, if you have documentation check it..

if there is no documentation for that device,then

2) Check for stickers like Passkey or Passcode or PIN on the device, if it is not available then,

find the bluetooth manufacturer.

3) You can find it by looking on the device there will be the text printed on it..

4) Now, after finding the manufacturer, visit the manufacturer website and search for PIN..

5) Enter the PIN that was listed on the manufacturer site..

6) It would work ( because we can't change bluetooth PIN in most cases) and it is the only option

you have..

If you had forgot Pin or passcode for bluetooth.

and the above methods failed to work, then the last option you would have  is trying some default

PIN's like 0000 or 1111 or 1234 or just enter the same pin for both the devices..

For example : try entering 1234 on your computer and the same for the smartphone that has

bluetooth (you are going to pair) when you need to Pair (this is the one i will do everytime, so give it

a try)

Hope it is helpful.

That's the end of this post..

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