Lineage OS will be the successor of Cyanogen mod

Lineage Operating System is the new operating system for cyanogen Android users. Cyanogen the

revolutionary mod released for Android operating system declared, they are shutting down on Dec

31, 2016. The news made everyone who loves cyanogen into tears. Since, the news spreaded like

fire, the community who are a part of Cyanogen decided to bring the Cyanogen back to life, by

releasing a new version of Operating System, they named it as lineage OS.

As, of Dec 25,2016 (the day this post was written) we don't know whether this lineage os will be a

continuity of Cyanogen mod or they will develop into a entirely new Operating System.

But, they made hint that, cyanogen won't be leaved as it is.

They said, users like us can follow them on

Their official site



I also have no idea about when this Operating System will be released or when  we can download

lineage os . But one thing is sure we are not left by them, as they will continue to develop the mod

and will release As soon as Possible..