Where is program files and program data folder in Windows 10 located ? [Solved]

Where is program files and program data folder in Windows 10 located - that's what we gonna

see in this post - Works on Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10

Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10 earlier builds like Aug 2015

and Nov 2015 builds.

Recently, one of our reader have difficulty in finding the program files and program data located,

that happened when he tried to uninstall the application and as usual it leaved some remains. He

wished to clear those remains, he knows that those files are stored in program files but he don't know

where it is located ..So,in this post i like to share those steps which may be helpful if you are the one

who doesn't know how to access program files in windows 10 or where is windows 10 program files

folder located or some other thing then i hope this may be helpful for you..

Please note : The program files's location is same for both x64 bit version of windows 10 and x86 bit

version of windows so, don't get confused like how to get to program files x86 on windows 10 

or how to get to program files x64 on windows 10. They are all same.

Just follow the steps below..

1) The first step in finding program files location is the most needed thing.

We need to find the directory where windows was installed.

How to find the windows installed location (or)

where is windows installed on my computer?

So, first press Windows (logo) key + E Keys on your Keyboard

2) This will open This PC ( the new name of My computer)

[The windows installed location]

3) On that you will see various drives like local disk c, local disk d,etc..,(unless you changed the drive names)

4) Find which drive has Windows logo in it..(see the above pic)

5) The drive which has windows logo in it is our windows installed location.

6) Double click or single click it to open.

7) When you opened,you can your find the Program files..

That's it...

Where is program data folder located in Windows 10 ..?

Program data folder is located on the same windows installed drive.. But the program data folder is

hidden by default.. you need to unhide the folders to view it..

I had shown how to unhide the folders in Windows 10 in this article [Link], this also follows the

same procedure.. when you unhide the folder visit again the windows installed drive, you will find

program data folder now..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.