Add or connect device to a Windows 10 PC - How to do [Guide]

Add a device to a Windows 10 PC - That's what we gonna see in this post. When you are in a
position to add some device to This PC then you can use this guide to add a device to windows 10

How to add ?

Normally, windows will automatically add a device when it detects there is a device, which means it detects or initialize when you plugin or turn on your device.

If your Windows 10 PC can't detect device, then you can add it using the way below.

1) First, Check on the action center.

[See : What is Action center and how to open it in Windows 10]

2) When you opened, your action center you can see your device being listed by notification.

Click on it.

3) If there is no notifications, then Open File explorer

If you find your device there, then your device was already detected by Windows 10.

If you can't find device, then you need to add a device manually.

See the below steps to know 

How to add a device to windows 10 PC.

1) Press Windows (logo) Key on your keyboard.

2) Type devices

3) Select devices and Printer on the top most result.

Add a device to a Windows 10 PC - How to do [Guide]

4) It will open a new window on the control panel.

You can add device and printer on this window.

5) Select Add a device.

6) Plugin your device and follow the onscreen instructions, because it may vary for device to device.

That's it.

Hope it is helpful.

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