Music won't play over my bluetooth Speaker or headset. How can i fix this ? [Solved]

Music won't play over my Bluetooth Speaker- how to fix it, that's what we gonna see in this post.

Today, when i visited my friend's home he showed his new Bluetooth speaker and asked me some

suggestions why the music doesn't play over his bluetooth speaker. I Checked the usual procedures

like Whether sound drivers are installed, yes it was installed, i then checked device manager and

found out whether the device has drivers that support Windows 10, yes it was updated. But still the

problem persists later i changed an basic option that i forgot to do 👦👦 and it fixed the problem.

So, if you are searching for something that will fix your problem of music not playing on bluetooth 

device connected to Windows 10, then here is your guide.

Do you need any software ?

No, but you need appropriate drivers.. if you had connected your PC to internet, then you don't need

to worry because when connected to internet windows will automatically download the required

update thourgh windows update.

OK, then how to do it..?

Just follow the below steps..

Music wont play over my bluetooth Speaker or headset - Fix

1) As said earlier, your PC should have the latest device drivers..

if you suspect on how to confirm, check this article [Link 1] [Link 2]..

2) Check those two links, which may be helpful

After checking, make sure you had paired your bluetooth

[See : How to pair Bluetooth device in Windows 10]

3) Connect your Bluetooth device to Windows 10 PC

[See : How to connect Bluetooth device in Windows 10]

4) After, pairing, connecting its time to play some music..

5) Open your music player and play any music.

Now, on your taskbar on the far right you will see the Speaker icon..

i) Right click the speaker icon, it will display many options like Playback devices, Recording

devices, Volume,Sounds, Troubleshoot Audio Problems.

Music won't play over my bluetooth Speaker or headset. How can i fix this ? [Solved]

ii ) Click on Playback devices

iii) It will display the sound window.

iv ) Now, you can find devices under "Select playback device below to modify its settings"

v) There, if you had paired and connected your Bluetooth speaker or headset you will the see the

device there..

vi ) Select your device,if not

vii ) Right click the bluetooth device and click connect

viii) Now, again select your bluetooth speaker and select set it as default

You can see the audio playing on Bluetooth speaker from now on..

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

That's the end of this post..

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