Turn off or disable Metered connections in Window 10 - we need to do it for Windows 10 Creators Update[Guide]

Turn off or disable Metered connections in windows 10 -  That's what we gonna see in this post...

Works on Windows 10

Creators Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10

earlier builds like Aug 2015 and Nov 2015 builds...

In our last post, we had discussed how to turn on metered connections in Windows 10 so that you

can disable or delay updates, Prevent apps from auto downloading,etc..But ,if you have changed

your mind or wish to try the latest windows 10 build then you need to remove metered connections

for windows 10 download that updates. So here is a post, on how to do it..

                                                 [Check the above video tutorial,if you wish]

Do you need any software ?

No, you don't need to download software to disable metered connection in Windows 10, just follow

the below steps..

How to disable metered connection in Windows 10

1) Press Windows + I which will open settings.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on WiFi tab on the left pane.

4) Select Manage known networks option(Which will be on right Pane).

5) It will open a new window,on that click on the Network you wish to turn off metered connection.

6) When you clicked,it will Show Properties and forget, Select Properties.

7) Scroll down and Find Metered connection Slide/Click on left Side of the Option that available

under Metered Connections,show that it shows OFF.

That's it...

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