Can't adjust Screen brightness in Windows 10 desktop and laptops [Solved]

Can't adjust Screen brightness in Windows 10 desktop and laptops [Solved]

Can't adjust Screen brightness in Windows 10 laptop or desktop after upgrading to windows 10 -

How to fix guide

When you install windows 10 then the first thing you will notice is you can't change your brightness.

Whether you are using laptops made by dell or hp or asus or some other desktops. Some user's

reported that they can't change the screen brightness on their PC and laptops and screen brightness is

not working on windows 10.

So, in this guide let's see how to fix it..

-Works on Windows 10 creators Update,Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Nov 2015

build and Aug 2015 builds of Windows 10

Do you need software to control brightness ?

Yes, we need an software to control brightness,that software is called drivers. They are inbuilt in

many PC's..

If you wish to know, whether that driver is installed on your system, then follow the steps shown in

this how to control brightness in windows 10 [Link], if you can control using the steps shown in that

post, then that driver is installed on your system, else you need to install it..

Normally, such things are downloaded through windows update, when there is a driver that supports

windows 10 was there..If there is no display driver software available for your device, then you need

to use Microsoft's basic display driver, though it is not much powerful you can still use that to

control device brightness in windows 10..

OK, how to do it...

Just follow the below steps..

Can't adjust screen brightness in Windows 10 [Fix]

1) Open device manager.

[See : How to open device manager in windows 10]

2) It will display some text links like Audio, input and outputs, Batteries, Computer,Keyboards, Monitors,and many other things..

3) Expand Display adapters by clicking on > icon that displayed near that.

Can't adjust Screen brightness in Windows 10 desktop and laptops [Solved]

4) It will display the driver that was installed on your device for example : Intel, Asus, Nvidia,etc..

5) Right click on it, it will display Update driver software, Disable, Uninstall,etc..

6) Click on Update driver software.

7) It will display a new window

"Search Automatically for Updated driver Software" and Browse my computer ...etc.

If you have already downloaded your display driver like Intel or NVIDIA, simply click on browse

my computer for driver option and select the location of that driver,else

click on search automatically for updated driver software option

8) Connect your PC to internet.

9) It will automatically download the relevant software through Windows Update now..

else it will display "Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware" and below that there will be two or more options(depends on your device),

one will be your hardware device manufacturer name " for example : Intel (R) HD graphics family"

and other would be "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter".

If you are intermediate PC user, then search your PC model on internet, download and install it

like a software, However, if you are novice or a beginner to Windows 10, then i recommend you to

choose "Microsoft basic display adapter" option, because it is sometimes difficult as you must find your device manufacturer and its model..

if you are using Assembled PC then that would be a difficult task, because in assembled PC's your

monitor will be a different company, your keyboard will be a different company,etc..

You need to install the driver for all the devices connected to PC for your PC to work stable.

So, just choose "Microsoft Basic Display driver" it is a very good driver as it will automatically

adjusts to every  PC (adaptable).

So, simply select that option.

10) Click Next

11) Now, wait for sometime your PC will install the driver software automatically.

After installation finished (you can see the completion window or some change in your display size


12) Some drivers, may ask you to Restart/reboot your PC ,restart your PC if it ask on your PC.

[Helpful link : How to restart or reboot your Windows 10 PC]

That's it..

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