Windows 10 Activation error codes 0x803f7001, 0xc004c003,0xc004f012,0xc005f074,0xc004f050,0xc004f014 and more.. - Here is What it means !

Windows have separate activation error codes to denote the failure in activating windows 

10. At first, 

when i searched i was little bit helpless, as there are nearly 100 activation error codes that 

were on the Windows 10 Activation helpline. Depending on the type, the Activation differs.. 

So, in this post i had posted some known activation codes that might help you in solving 

errors as you don't need to search for everything..

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0x803f7001, 0x800704cF

1) If you have the above error code, then what MS Says, is Microsoft didn't find your Windows 

10 as valid or geninue copy. So, you need to change your product Key to solve your 


Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004C003, 0xC004C060, 0xC004C4A2, 0xC004C4A2, 0x803FA067L, 0xC004C001, 0xC004C004, 0xC004F004, 0xC004C007, 0xC004F005, 0xC004C00F, 0xC004C010, 0xC004C00E, 0xC004C4A4, 0xC004C4A5, 0xC004B001, 0xC004F010, 0xC004F050

If you have any of the above error code then. the reason would be any of the following reason,

2) Microsoft Says, When such error codes appear then, then it is likely to denote that you are trying to activate your Windows Edition with the Other edition's Key. for example : You are requested to enter Product key for your Windows 10 Pro, but you had entered Windows 10 Enterprise
s or Home's product key.. So, try to activate with the proper key.

3) It also says, that this error will also happen when activation servers are busy, so you need to wait for sometime to get activated.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004F034, 0xC004F210, 0xC004E016, 0xC004F210, 

 This is same as  1.,you are activating with the key that is invalid.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004FC03, 0x8007267C 

When, this error happens then it is because of your internet connection problem..

You need to activate windows through Phone call or with stable internet connection.

Press Windows + R -> slui 04 -> Follow the onscreen instructions.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004E028

It means, your activation is currently under progress, and it will be finished ASAP

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xD0000272, 0xC0000272, 0xc004C012, 0xC004C013, 0xC004C014

It means Windows couldn't find the Activation servers, and it will be activated automatically when 

it connects the Servers.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004C008, 0xC004C770, 0x803FA071, 0xC004C020

It means you are trying to activate windows with the key that was already used by another 


You need to buy a fresh key.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004F00F, 0x8007232B, 0xC004F074, 0xC004F038, 0x8007007B

This means, you are trying to activate windows with the Key that will activate only Windows 10 Enterprise edition.. So, you need to enter the valid Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro key.

(or) You might be activating the Work place computer without connecting to the Workplace network..

So, you need to reactivate again.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0x80072F8F

This activation error will occur, when your time and date is incorrect..

Change your Windows 10 System time and it will initate the activation process

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0xC004E003

This error happen when some apps or software you installed had changed your system files..

You need to perform system restore to fix the issue, or you can try to activate again.

Windows 10 Activation failed with Error code 0x80004005

You need to run the activation troubleshooter..

Just goto settings -> Update & security -> Activation -> Troubleshoot

To Activate..

Open settings -> Update & security -> Activation

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

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