How do i find my bitlocker Encryption Key to unlock in windows 10 [Solved]

Find Bitlocker recovery Key - That's what we are gonna see in our today's post.

Today, while i was having fun with my friend, he accidentally made a bitlocker encryption to one of

his drives. Since, we are in a group talking with each other,  he forget to note the recovery key.

He doesn't know what to do next ( Even me too) because the drive has some sensitive info, which we

required in next couple of days. Suddenly we begin to examine every  possible solution that we can

use to recover, but most of them went avail. If you are having the same issue, then here is an guide

that may help you.

How do i find my bitlocker Encryption Key in windows 10 [Solved]

Solution 1 : Try searching for recovery key.

Windows will prompt you to save your recovery key on a safe place, so check all your drives,plugin in your USB device or external device, chances are you may have transferred it to keep secure..

1) Hit Windows Key

2) Type Recovery key

3) It may pop up on the recovery key on our search result..

Solution 2 : In Microsoft Account

Windows will backup your Bitlocker key on your Microsoft account. So, search on your microsoft account, chances are it is backuped on your Microsoft Account.

Check the below link

Solution 3 : Your Admin

Since Microsoft follows the same method till now, we can see it to our Purpose...

Your PC will have Administrator right ? Ask his/her key and try it.. Trust me it will work if s/he doesn't changed his/her key.

Solution 4 : Using Powershell

This method is my favorite one..But it won't return result to everyone..

Since, Bitlocker is the one that safeguards our drive, try to get the recovery key using it..

{Its like person giving his/her home key to thief, thinking that thief won't steal anything, your PC will give it to you, thinking that its you are requesting the key..}

1) Open Powershell

[See : How to open powershell in Windows 10]

2) Type the following command

Get-BitlockerVolume -Mountpoint (your encrypted drive's letter).KeyProtector

for example : if your locked drive was d, type (get-bitlockervolume -mountpoint d).Keyprotector

3) Hit enter,,

it won't work for sure, but give it a try chances are it may work for you.

(or) try Suspend-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:" -RebootCount 0

Replace "C:" with your drive letter

( or) Try this command

Enable-BitLockerAutoUnlock -MountPoint "c:"

Replace E with your drive letter..

The above command will enable auto unlock to your bitlocker, who knows it may work for you too.

That's it...

If Everything fails...

try to remember every thing you did on that day.. It is possible to recover your data when you have

the memory capacity.

Don't be discouraged.. Sit alone, close your Eyes, try to remember some characters..

Note it down.. No problem whether it is one or two just write it down.

Now, look on your mind again..try to remember again, you will find another any two characters, note that too..

Note the place you think it was for example : the letters you remember may be your last 2  characters.

Just note that down too..

Open command prompt

Type the following command

manage -bde -unlock -certificate -ct  thatthingyouwrote -pin yourdriveletter :

Replace the appropriate values..

for example : Manage -bde -unlock -certificate -ct f4cd -pin F:

This is like we are instructing computer to look for certificate that starts with f4cd and unlock it..

2) Hit enter.

(or) Else try this..

Search for online how much a Bitlocker key will have maximum as its characters..

Write every possible combinations that may work and try that things on your Bitlocker.

Believe Our Mind is Much powerful than you think, because its our mind that designed this computers too.

We, as friends used this last method as our PC hadn't connected to internet on that time..,

 it worked..

So, don't be discouraged.

Just try it out..