Extend Windows 10 trail License Period - How to do [Tutorial]

Extend Windows 10 trail license Period - That's what we gonna see in this post..Today i was irritated

by windows notification "Windows license is expiring soon, go to settings to activate windows "that

text appeared once every 30-50 seconds, which means, it would have appeared atleast 20 times in 10 minutes.

I'm using a  activated copy of Windows 10, also the activation ends only after twenty days from now.

But i don't know why Microsoft had  made this notification, it's OK, if it pops out to remind me that

my license is going to expire atleast twice for a day, i can bear it.. But how can you do things ? when

it pops out that notification every now and then.. I felt really bad, so i decided to fix it by extending

the trail version using an powershell command.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, then i hope it will be useful for you too.

Please Note : I don't encourage this kind of Stuffs, but when it comes to affect the user life that are

disgusting ( like annoying notification appeared to me), then it must be done to show the power of us.

So, try only when needed.

Tested Working on Windows 10 Anniversary Update build OS.

[Video Tutorial]

How to extend trial period of Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise.

1) First,Open powershell

[See : How to open powershell in Windows 10]

2) Type the following command

Slmgr /rearm

3) Hit enter

4) It will display the window command created successfully and you need to restart your PC

5) Close the window

and restart your PC

[See : How to restart or reboot Windows 10 PC [Updated] ]

After restart, you will find the Windows license expired text, don't be shocked ! After a minute it will

automatically change into license valid for another 90 days. With this, you can rearm any OS like

you can rearm Windows 10 Enterprise evaluation.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.