Your Microsoft Account requires Attention to get Insider Builds - [Fix] [Solved]

Your Microsoft Account requires Attention to get Insider Builds - [Fix] [Solved]

Your Microsoft Account requires Attention to get Insider Builds and a Fix me button  - This is the

error i got when i tried to activate insiders program on my friend's Windows 10 Laptop. If you are

searching this then, probably You must be the one who loves to tweak or customize your PC and the

one who loves to get the latest among others. So, i think you don't need a bit of introduction to what insider build means, so let's move to

the direct post.

Why/ When this error happens ?

You wish to join Insider program and you clicked the Join Insider Program button, you will be

prompted to enter into your Microsoft account, that's the process behind it.. Though you don't need

an Microsoft Account to use your Preview builds,When you understand the error it says you need to

using your Microsoft Account  to fix the error.,

So, how to solve it..? Just

1) Open settings

2) Click on Accounts

3) click on Your Info

4) On your Right pane, you will see Sign-in using Microsoft Account Instead option

5) Click on it..

6) It will ask you to enter the email, Password enter it.

7) Follow the onscreen instructions

8) Go back to insider program window and click Fix.

It will work now..

If that failed, then try this

Resign-in to your Microsoft Account., this won't make sense but it's what worked for me (when i

used insider builds on the beginning)...

9) Follow the above steps (1 to 3)

10) On your right pane, click on Sign-in using local account instead

11) Follow the onscreen instructions, and again follow solution 1.

You will it working now..

If everything fails, Restart your PC and try visiting and click on get started and

then , it will sign-in using your Microsoft Account., You will get " Welcome to the program, insider

"screen which indicates you are now an insider.

Try Registry editor..

1) Open registry editor

2) Navigate to following Key


3) On your right pane, you can see EnableInsiderPreviewBuilds

4) Click on it and set its value 1.

Restart your PC and go to  join insider program on settings, you can find it working now..

See you soon!👋👋