Iran builts Firewall to fight Stuxnet!

Iran builts Firewall to fight Stuxnet!

Iran government has announced that it has successfully built and tested the working firewall to block the famous stuxnet worm.

In case, if you don't know about stuxnet..

Stuxnet is a computer programmed virus, said to be jointly built by American and Israel Cyber group. This worm became famous after it attacked the Iran's uranium nuclear site and its program back in 2010. It mainly targets Microsoft Windows based systems with three modules, worm that executes main payload first, a link file that executes copies of the worm,and a rootkit to hide and prevent detection of the stuxnet.

This famous worm was now under control, and was blocked by recently developed firewall as per the recent comment from Iran minister.

Communications Minister, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi says,
“Iran’s university scientists have developed a firewall for industrial automation systems to neutralise industrial sabotage such as that caused by Stuxnet in power networks, and it was successfully tested” 

Though Israel hasn't commented about the remarks made by Iran earlier (that Israel was involved in building the worm) , findings from symantec Corp about another version of Stuxnet back in 2013 says a different story.

You can read more about Stuxnet in this Wikipedia page.